Would you like one of our ‘You Said Together We Did whiteboards’ for your service?

Would you like one of our ‘You Said Together We Did’ whiteboards for your service?

Back in December, we offered all Notts Healthcare services a free ‘You Said Together We Did’ whiteboard, on which to proudly demonstrate to patients, carers and families how they were using their feedback to improve care and recognise great staff. As we said at the time, service users, carers and families share their feedback with us in the hope that we will listen and we’ll use their feedback to make things better. People will only believe this if they see it… it’s really important for us to show people that we’re listening and taking what they say seriously.

We had a fantastic response, with over 65 requests, and the boards are now starting to go up on display across Trust sites.

We’re hearing that there are many more services who missed out on the first order but would also like a whiteboard (or more) for their services. This is great news!

We would like to be able to offer more boards for free to services who didn’t get in on the first order. To do this, we need to establish interest for a second bulk order.

The boards are A1 in size, dry-wipe, they conform to Trust safety standards for patient areas. There’s no good reason at all not to have one, and we’re going to be doing our best to get these on display in every Trust site in 2022. We’ve added in the word ‘Together’ because wherever possible, we should involve patients, carers and families in implementing changes to services.

If you would like a board (or more than one) for your service, please email your request (including your name, the full name of your service and how many boards you would like) by clicking the relevant link below:

Order whiteboards for a Forensic service:

To request a whiteboard/whiteboards for a Forensic Service, click here

Order whiteboards for a Mental Health service:

To request a whiteboard/whiteboards for a Mental Health service, click here

Order whiteboards for a Community Service:

To request a whiteboard/whiteboards for a Community Service, click here

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