Womens service at Rampton hospital are starting hope program sessions also a poem to enjoy

Exploring Hope ‘Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness’ Desmond Tutu.

Hope:Before lock down we created a collective poem –A Poem by the Rampton Exploring Hope Group

with thanks to everyone who contributed to this poem in 2020

Hope is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This word to me means strength and survival.

Friends keep me going, knowing people care .

Good mates and good staff help me through difficult times

Hope is a place to go when you’re feeling low, have nothing left .

Hope is a better time ahead.

Tell yourself to think positive.

The knowledge that hope will lead to life.

Hope is that one day I will be with my family.

One day someone will rescue me.

What keeps me going is getting to medium secure, doing well,

being hopeful about the future, peace for future trouble

Hope keeps me going when I feel all alone and it’ll never get better.

What keeps me going is Jesus and family and friends.

Every day is new and if we keep looking at the past nothing new will happen.

Keep faith in yourself and that you will be okay.

Hope is the warmth and vision that make life worth living.

Looking up at the stars and thinking that someone is with me.

Hold your head up high and tell yourself to keep going, never give up

Hold on to hope: Hold on pain ends

The symbol of the rainbow became connected with gratitude / thanks to the NHS but also with hope.

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