What’s on at the Rosewood centre- June 2015

Well, here we are, it’s summer!

The Rosewood involvement centre has a very busy month ahead including inreach and outreach work.

The involvement interview team has several interviews coming up. On 4th June we have a social work position over at Rampton Hospital and a service user will join us on the panel. On 10th June we will be helping to interview staff nurses across the Rampton site and, we hope, there will be a patient panel from Rampton and a service user volunteer from Rosewood supporting. In the middle of the month there are also health care assistant interviews at Rampton so we are very busy on that front.

Every Monday from 10 – 3 our communication feedback and media group at Rosewood meets, working on social media, blogging and preparation for various upcoming events.

On Monday 1st June at Rampton we are attending a meeting about reviews and advance statements. We will be joining the forensic recovery steering group for the first time and presenting on the possibility of recruiting peer support workers.

On Tuesday 2nd June our service user volunteers will be working at Rampton in the male personality disorder directorate and also the women’s directorate. We will be holding surgeries at both directorates to increase the service user carer experience feedback across the two directorates. We identify and target wards that have had low levels of response to the survey, which is a national requirement as well as an important part of our work aimed at listening to service users and improving services.

On 4th June the Millbrook live project is holding a social inclusion event for patients, family, friends, and carers. At 2pm they are serving high tea for the patients and all comers. They are charging £2 for the afternoon tea and the funds raised will be donated to the league of friends who are actively involved in raising funds for various projects at Millbrook.

On Friday, 5th June the Rosewood involvement centre will be celebrating volunteers’ week with a special event co-ordinated by the volunteer manager; the event will run from 11 until 3 with stalls and activities to celebrate this day. Please contact Joanna Rapson through our centres to find out more.

On 10th June there is a patient Council meeting at Millbrook from 1030 until 12, with representation from the involvement centre to support patients at this meeting. This group also links to the Millbrook live projects and is a great opportunity for patients to raise any concerns or worries they may have.

11th June is a particular busy day for outreach work with-

* From 10 until 12 we have the restrictive practice group at Rampton

* A mental health directorate patients meeting at Rampton which one of our volunteers will be attending to promote our work with feedback about clinical services

* The Wathwood hospital patient meeting 12 to 1, again one of our volunteers will be attending the meeting to promote feedback and two-way working.

* At 11am a meeting for service users, carers, and volunteers with Paul, the head of involvement. This is a chance for everyone to meet with Paul and raise any concerns. This is also an opportunity for Paul to inform everyone of upcoming priorities involvement

17th of June there is a story shop in Retford- one of our volunteers will be telling their story for the first time. Also on the 17th between 10:30 and 2:30 is the involvement and experience meeting. This is being held across the road from Rosewood. This group will be reviewing involvement and experience with presentations from across directorates. The head of involvement will also update all those attending about upcoming involvement work, national links, and priorities over the next two months.

18th of June at 6pm  is the recovery group meeting at the women’s service in Rampton . One of our service user volunteers attends this meeting. We are hoping at this meeting to ask the questions that might be asked at the annual general meeting on 25 July. Since patients from Rampton cannot attend the AGM we are hoping that our volunteers can ask questions on their behalf.

On 22nd June at 1 until 3 is a self-esteem course at Rosewood.

From 10 until 12 on 23rd June is the restrictive practice group, looking at long-term seclusion and restraint. One of our volunteers from Rosewood will attend this meeting. It is hoped at some point that feedback from patients will be gathered.

25th of June. There is story shop training at the Rosewood involvement centre from 1030 until 1.

On 29th June there is a recovery conference at Rampton Hospital in the Mike Harris centre- we have been asked to produce a stall and promote all the work we do across Rampton.

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