What’s on at Rosewood Involvement Centre November 2015?

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Well if we think about the beginning of November I guess that makes it around 50 days till Christmas. Oh dear, not a present or card bought yet!

In a way I do like this time of year (when it’s not raining of course). I enjoy seeing the leaves change colour and when out walking the dog, scrunching them under my feet in the woods. Great fun raking them up from my garden… (not) Anyway, less about me!

Let’s see what’s on in November at the Rosewood Involvement Centre and the work we do across the Trust. (also called ‘outreach work’).

We start the month with a new initiative for the Forensic Division. Trust staff induction is held on the first Monday of each month. Due to the amount of new Trust staff needing induction we are trialling forensic staff to receive their first induction day at Rampton Hospital in The Mike Harris Centre. Other new staff receive their induction in Duncan Macmillan House, Nottingham. Julie Hall the executive director of the Forensics Division welcomes new staff followed by the Involvement and Patient Experience presentation. Jane Danforth, our Involvement & Experience Officer delivers our presentation supported by Involvement Volunteers. This is an opportunity for our volunteers to share their stories with forensic staff at the start of their new roles. On the same day at the Rosewood Involvement Centre in Ollerton, our Communications, Media and Feedback group takes place. After this group ends, some of our involvement volunteers have been writing volunteer role descriptions working closely with our voluntary services.

Rosewood has a new carers group run by the Alzheimer’s Society from 10-1. The group provides support and discusses dementia and the work linked to the Trust. This is a great way to work with communities including our ‘Diversity within Dementia’ Community of Interest. Ruth Hawkins our Chief Executive Officer is the executive sponsor for this group.

We have several dates for the ‘Rosewood Rockers ‘music group with Christmas gigs planned across the Trust. They will be playing at Millbrook, Bassetlaw, Rampton, and of course Rosewood. If you are interested in joining our music group we run a music group session on Friday mornings from 10-12.

This month, our Involvement volunteers will be attending the Mike Harris Centre at Rampton to plan an induction talk for over 100 student nurses. Volunteers will explain what Involvement is all about and give an insight into the fantastic work of our service user and carer volunteers.

Volunteers are meeting soon with Paul Sanguinazzi, Head of Involvement and Amanda Raine Involvement Experience Manager. Service users and carers are encouraged to raise any concerns and will hear updates on national, local, and strategic meetings. This is an opportunity for two-way communication between volunteers and senior involvement management.

Bassetlaw Live! Patients Council

Following on from the successful ‘Live!’ projects, Highbury, Millbrook and Bassetlaw now have their own stand-alone ‘Live‘ events which include the Patients Council meeting. Patient’s carer’s staff and volunteers discuss care on the wards.The ‘Live’ projects aims to create a sense of community for patients, carers, staff and volunteers across Highbury, Millbrook and Bassetlaw Hospitals.

Friday’s at The Rosewood Centre

Our music and gardening group runs from 10 – 12 and our weekly centre meeting 1- 3pm. Our guest at this meeting on November 6th will be Caroline Caston. Caroline is a Quality Governance Manager telling us about the Trusts new initiative ‘Sign up to Safety’. We will have our medical executive director Julie Hankin with us on this day. This will be Julie’s first visit to Rosewood.

Monday 9 November

Our Communications Media and Feedback group this week will be 10.30-1pm. On the same day, we have an opportunity for service users and carers to discussed medication at our medication drop-in sessions run by a staff member from Rampton.

Tuesday 10 November

Two of our volunteers will be visiting Wathwood Hospital, a medium secure unit for male patients near Rotherham. Our volunteers will join the patient meeting to support the Involvement agenda. We are hoping that reconnecting to the hospital and its patients will involve patients in more feedback initiatives which include using an online feedback website called Patient Opinion .We will continue to encourage the use of feedback posters ‘You said. We did ’and advertise the Involvement Interview Team training. We’ve had a successful year interviewing new members of staff at the hospital. The patient panel as always is supported by the Rosewood Involvement Centres service user and carer volunteers.

 Wednesday 11 November

The centre is closed for our team away day. The Involvement Team use this time to plan ahead and review the involvement strategy.

Thursday 12 November

Rampton Hospital. We will be attending one of the work streams that links to restrictive practices

Thursday 11 November

Community of Interest Group‘Routes to Employment’. There is a possibility that this will be renamed to ‘Routes after Involvement’. This group looks at ways it can support service users and carers in their recovery back into the world of employment

Friday the 13th  (hope you are not superstitious!)

Rosewood Centre meeting 1-3 Head of Involvement Paul Sanguinazzi will be there. We will present the work our volunteers are doing in local and forensics services to Paul and ask him to update us on his work.

Tuesday 17 November

Bassetlaw Live’ action meeting’. This meeting discusses open days for patients, and how to improve care on the wards and in the community.

Wednesday 18 November

10.30 -12 Rosewood Involvement Centre volunteers are at Duncan Macmillan house. This is a strategic meeting for Involvement in business planning for our Trust Local services. Volunteers will review business plans for Local Services and also get to confirm and challenge the plans.

Wednesday 18 November

Rosewood Centre. Carers of Deaf people group. This is a group for carers of Deaf people from the Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, and Bassetlaw areas.

Thursday 19 November

Executive Leadership Council (ELC). Senior managers, directors and executive director’s monthly event. Two service user volunteers from Rosewood attend this event to have a direct link into this senior meeting. They share the learning with other volunteers and it gives an insight into the workings of The Trust

Friday 20 November

Our usual Friday. Music and the gardening group from 10-12. Centre meeting 1-3 Sally Pope who works at the Nottingham Involvement Centre is coming over to present and discuss The Story Shop. The Story Shop is a fantastic way to fight stigma and raise awareness of mental health. When out and about the Story Shop team attend places like the Queens Medical Centre presenting to third and fourth year medical students around their lived experience around mental health or their caring roles.

Monday 23 November

11.30 – 4pm Celebrating seven years of the Rosewood Centre opening! Dr Julie Hall the Executive Director of Forensics will be attending as our patron of Rosewood. Julie will arrive at 1 o’clock when staff, service users and volunteers will present on the work done over the last year. The Rosewood Rockers will be playing us out!

Tuesday 24 November

Wathwood Medium Secure Unit – Patient Council meeting

24 November 2pm

Millbrook Hospital. Patient Council meeting.Supported by volunteers from Rosewood living in the Mansfield area.

Wednesday 25 November

Our forensic work continues at Rampton we will be attending The Peaks Unit  delivering our own recovery stories at a special recovery event. Volunteers from Rosewood will share their recovery stories with patients with a discussion after. We will also be challenging the patients to do their own recovery pathway stories at a later date which we can support. This great piece of work creates hope, opportunity and control for the patients and is a proven way to build confidence in our own volunteer’s recovery.

Thursday 26 November

Rosewood monthly Forensic Involvement Group.

At this meeting we discuss and plan our work in the forensic division working on our presentation for the forensic recovery conference on 3 December. Rosewood has a 45 minute slot to present how we involve service users and carers and how it helps patients. The presentation will focus around our volunteers who we refer to as natural peers.

26 November

We will also be supporting the women’s service and male PD service in their Directorate Recovery Involvement Group. Some volunteers attend both meetings supporting patients and developing the skills of our volunteers. There is an opportunity here for two-way communication and further involvement by our volunteers.

Friday 27 November

11-3 pm There will be no centre meeting. We will be holding a social inclusion event. This is an opportunity for our service users and carers to relax and to support each other

Monday 30th November

Rosewood Centre closed as we are attending The Peaks Unit at Rampton Hospital to deliver the Involvement Interview Team training.

Pre- Christmas Teaser 18th December

Christmas event- Rosewood Involvement Centre will be joining the festive fun. The Rosewood Rockers will be singing their Christmas hits. Rumour has it that I (Nigel) will be dressing up as Santa. You will have to wait and see Ho Ho Ho!

This is a lengthy blog this time around but there is so much to share with you all out there. See you next month!

Nigel Groves – Rosewood Involvement Centre Manager

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