What’s on at Rosewood Involvement centre- December 2015

Just some of our lovely Involvement staff members

We are already in the festive run-up to Christmas. As a service user myself I like to be mindful about other service users and carers, especially this time of year. The long nights and cold weather and the pressure of Christmas can be a difficult time for many people.

The Rosewood centre will be open as normal except for the bank holidays. We have planned two extra days between Christmas and New Year for our volunteers to come and get together during this time. Social inclusion is very important and a key part of involvement.

We are involved in a great deal of Christmas activity across the trust. 1st December was the Bassetlaw carers’ Christmas get-together. We already have feedback from this and it looks like it was a great day.

The Rosehips belly dancers have kindly agreed to dance at Rampton Hospital on 8th December this will be at the women’s service. Their second performance is highly anticipated and the patients love to get involved and keep active. The Rosehips will also be performing at the Millbrook Christmas fair on December 10th.

On 11th December at Rosewood is the Chair of the Trust’s Christmas bash. This is from twelve until two. We have food, singing, and a couple of presentations. At 2pm we are going across to the church opposite Rosewood to do a little festive singing.

We have all the normal groups across the month: Mondays being the communication media and feedback group and we also have a medication drop-in session on 14th December.

We have some 15 step challenge audits at Lindholme prison- also we will be attending the restrictive practice steering group this month. We have the Involvement and Experience meeting on 16th December which will be held in Ollerton at a new venue- the Scout and guide centre. There are several live meetings this month- Bassetlaw live and Millbrook live, which we are linked to.

We will also be joining as normal the recovery and involvement groups across Rampton.

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