What’s on at Rosewood Involvement Centre August 2015

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Rosewood Garden

I’m sat here asking myself a question, where has summer gone? It’s the end of July but on the outside, the temperature is not expected to exceed 13°! Let’s hope things improve soon for our summer party on Friday 31st July!

Okay let’s see what is happening in August

Let’s start with Mondays. We have five Mondays in August and our Communications Feedback and Media group will be extended from 10.15 until 3.15. We have increased the time….. so much going on!  We are redesigning the noticeboards and our Involvement tree (more about that when we finish it.. all will be revealed) We are blogging and tweeting more and changing how we run the centre meeting and the way we share information with people.

This is a long day so we are being flexible. People can come for half or a full day. Many of our volunteers have Trust email accounts and are able to write blogs and tweets on behalf of other volunteers who may not use computers.

The Friday’s weekly centre meeting runs from 1- 3pm. We often have guest speakers who present what they do for the Trust and how this links to involvement. This meeting can generate opportunities for volunteers in different areas of the Trust. We serve a small buffet around 12.30.

6 August 3.15pm. Planning for World Mental Health Awareness Week. On 9th October our World Mental Health Awareness Week event is held at the Rosewood Involvement Centre. The event will be aimed at raising awareness of carers, carer groups, and other organisations we work with.

14 August. The centre meeting is not taking place

Instead, volunteers and staff are attending a patient user group meeting at the Peaks Unit – Rampton High Secure Hospital. We link to the other areas at Rampton and we are keen to promote Involvement at The Peaks too. Volunteers from Rosewood will be able to join the patient user group meetings. Some of these meetings relate to recovery. Other work at Rampton included the Involvement Interview Team (IIT) training; a recovery story session and helping patients fill in satisfaction surveys and our own service user carer experience survey. (SUCE)

Rampton Hospital Involvement

11 August.  We are helping patients from the women’s service and male personality disorder service to create their own recovery stories. Great to see our volunteers using their ‘lived experience’ of services to help patients on their pathway to recovery.

12 August.  We will visit Adult Mental Health and IDD (intellectual developmental disabilities, formerly known as learning disability) services. We help patients to fill out and complete the patient satisfaction survey. We hope that due to support from Involvement more people will fill in this survey. The most important thing is that any comments raised will be listened to.

25 August. Meeting about working on restrictive practices. There are several work themes and we are involved in three of them and attend the steering group.

27 August. 1.30 -3pm. Third meeting of the Rosewood Forensic Group with staff from forensic services and Human Resources and our volunteers. We want to increase involvement activity at Rampton and Wathwood Hospital. We are working on developing peer support in forensic services. We already have what I call, ‘natural peers’ from Rosewood who encourage patients at Rampton and Wathwood. This meeting is on the fourth Thursday of each month. If you are interested in becoming involved in forensics please contact the Rosewood centre.

Wathwood Hospital

18 August. Training patients in how to interview staff interview. This training allows patients to be actively involved in the recruitment process. Patients have been involved in interviews ranging from ward managers, band five staff nurses, and health care support workers.

Duncan Macmillan House.

19 August. 10.30 – 2.30 The Involvement and Experience Group. This is the involvement team’s meeting with Trust involvement leads and representation from involvement, service users, carers and volunteers. The group reviews involvement reports and how we involve people around the Trust. We are also updated on national and local policy.

Millbrook Hospital. 

20 August. 10.30am Service users are involved in the Patients Council meeting. Our volunteers and patients from the wards attend to promote involvement.

27 August. Millbrook Events Committee. This group meet to plan events that patients can take part in, E.g. the summer party that was held last month.

Nottingham DMH Involvement Centre Joint Work with Rosewood

13 August 2-4pm. Ideal Ward Round Meeting. This includes service users, carers and volunteers from both centres gaining feedback from patients, carers and staff about ward rounds. The ward round is normally a weekly  meeting on the acute wards in adult mental health services with the patient reviewing how the treatment is moving forward etc.

That’s it for now. Have a good month!  Nigel – Centre Manager

Rosewood Involvement Centre 0115 9560845  nigel.groves@nottshc.nhs.uk

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