What We Did Well Positive Feedback From Ramptons Womens Service Trust Survey.

We have already posted on what Patients said we could do better, this is what they said we do/did well

Patients and Staff came together at the Dimond resource Centre ( DRC ) because of Covid wards were not aloud to mix so ward by ward with Martina The Matron, Kath, staff from the DRC, and the Involvement Team came together at the DRC and the use of Microsoft Teams for the Involvement Team to join virtually to review the latest feedback from the PACE (Patient and Carer Experience ) Survey and put together a Quality improvement plan. we shared this in a previous blog on what could be better.

Of course on all surveys there is a section on what we did well. We feel it is always important to get that message out there which is great for Staff to see but also Patients who can see what is being said. This open approach from Womens services brings about true positive Involvement and of course makes the full process very transparent and meaningful. ‘You said we did’ is the way it is done.

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