What we did at the weekend. Part 1 Adventures in York

At the Rosewood Centre we are a group of volunteers  who devote our time to supporting and improving Nottinghamshire Healthcare services in a variety of ways using our lived exprience as service users and carers. From collecting feedback to putting on concerts for patients, taking part in audits or staff interviews and befriending patients in Rampton High Secure Hospital we use our collective skills to help others and ourselves.

So what DID we do at the weekend and why? We went to York. Eight of us.

RW day out in YorkBoating, eating ice cream visiting museums, laughing till it hurt, smiling, walking, spending time together plus ‘people watching’ combined with lots of  fresh air in the Summer sunshine!

Ingrid, carer said, ‘We had a good laugh and it made me feel good to be together with people who care about each other. It’s good to meet up at weekend away from our volunteering at Rosewood  which we all love and it has created a social network of peer support which helps us all.

Eric said, ‘I’m tired but it’s ‘good tired’! Saturday is my worst day of the week. I’m on my own and I’m faced with housework which I don’t feel like doing when I’m away from people.  The York trip motivated me to get up in the morning and I woke Steve up to join the trip! Steve is my friend. He has trouble getting up as well’.

David & Eric

The group of friends and colleagues said ‘ Weekends can be a lonely time for us and it’s been nice to have the opportunity to focus on our own wellbeing. During the week we focus on the needs of others in our volunteering roles. Volunteering has brought us together as a supportive community of like-minded people’.

Michael said,  ‘It [going out together] helps me to stay sane’! Another great ‘Rosewood Jolly’. Here comes another week of full-on Involvement. What a top team!

Look out for our next adventure in Part 2 when we discover the delights of the Robin Hood Festival in Edwinstowe. The group is on a mission for reducing the time asleep in front of the telly at weekends and general lethargy zzzzzz

RW 2 Trip to York
Ready for a cuppa




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