What a lovely and POSITIVE way to show “what summer means to us”!?

Written and posted on behalf of Rosewood volunteers.

Rosewood Involvement Volunteers were invited to join the Women’s National High Secure Service at Rampton Hospital for their Sports day and Party in the Park.  We couldn’t miss such a great show of cooperation and positivity.  THANK YOU, SO MUCH.  This was a “Sense of Community” initiative and it certainly helped to bring the community closer.  It made our week as well.

You all do a terrific job and it really is wonderful to see the progress patients are making in their recoveries.  These events are so very therapeutic – for everyone, breaking down barriers and bringing staff and patients together.  The sports-based activities, and the singing and dancing all brought a lot of joy and fun.  The refreshments went down rather well, too!

Mind you, days like this don’t just happen.  It must be pretty exhausting for the organisers – staff and patients alike.  A special thank you to Kath Alder, once again.

Well done everyone.

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