We’re all in this together – Lyndsy

Hello Everyone!

I’m Lyndsy and I work in the Involvement Experience and Volunteering Team at Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust. My job role in this team is as a Volunteer Support Officer, which means I, along with my colleagues, support, recruit and train volunteers within the Trust who support the many services, teams, staff, service users and carers who access Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

I have been in post for approximately 2 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I feel I am in a very privileged position that I get to meet and work with a wonderful array of people who selflessly offer their time to help improve the quality of services and make a positive impact on other peoples health and wellbeing. Our volunteers amaze me everyday with their wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication to what they do, this has never been more evident than right now, where we get daily request from them to see if there is anything they can do.

As a staff team we are currently working from home which at times comes with its difficulties but each of us are just as committed as ever to ensure that our patients, staff, carers and volunteers receive the best care and support possible.

During this uncertain time our team are working just as hard as ever and in this last week we have been in conversations with different services to look at ways in which our dedicated volunteers who are eager to help where ever they can put their skills to valuable use and hopefully there will be a few out and about shortly helping to do just that.

So from me, please keep yourself and loved ones safe, remember that we are all in this together. Thank you for everything you are all doing and I look forward to seeing you very soon x

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One thought on “We’re all in this together – Lyndsy

  1. A great rallying cry Lindsey.. we have met and worked together many times and your enthusiasm is very infectious indeed.. well said at a time when we all need to embrace each other to get through this trying time… trev

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