There has been a lot happening this year, sad and happy times.  Our wonderful friend and colleague Laura sadly passed away earlier this year leaving us all feeling very sad, I was delighted to receive the very first Laura Ingram Award at the Volunteer’s Event at DMH on the 7th June 2022.  Laura’s memory lives on she was such an inspiration to us all. 

Sadly, my close friends who live next door to me shared the sad news that their only grandson, Nyle who was just 21 had taken his own life in November 2021.  Just wanted to take this pain away, how can I do this I asked myself and found myself signing up to do a skydive in memory of Nyle.  This pain will never go just wanted to do something positive for the family.  Flying and heights scare me this is something Nyle always wanted to do so why not!

As a volunteer befriender at my weekly visits to the Wells Road Centre there has been a lot of laughter and conversations about doing a sky dive with the staff and patient.  On Sunday 14th August I jumped out of the plane at 14,000.00 feet, it was an incredible experience.  One of my biggest phobias is a fear of flying, have already agreed to do it all again next year with Nyle’s mum Joanne.

Laura and Nyle have both have been taken too early, their bravery and courage lives on.

I just want to thank everyone who has already sponsored me, I am raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation, you can find out more here.


Befriender Volunteer at WRC

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