Black History Month Blog 2021

Coffee Bar display

I was supported by my colleagues Nicky (OTA) Rachael and Steve ( Wellbeing)  and Sol ( Social work assistant)  to create a Black history stall in the main coffee bar . Patients and staff and visitors were able to come and view the stall and learn about  Black history month . We created a visual display that included education around black history month, information about   a range of  significant figures  in a variety of roles, sports , music, education, actors , dancers and singers. We received really positive feedback from everyone about the stall which was amazing 😊

WRC ward celebrations

For Black history Month  Seacole ward also organised a celebration event which included a range of foods, music , dancing and traditional outfits .  It was a  wonderful event on Seacole . It was amazing to see  and take part in of the dancing singing  and try that amazing Jollof rice 😊

The Black History WRC event

The Occupational Therapy team and Social work team  and advocacy worked together to discuss planning a event that could be offered to all of  the five wards at the wells road centre. We explored a range of options and decided to plan an event that included education about black history month, getting the local community involved and trying new foods. I offered to take a leadership role on planning the event .   I liaised with the members of the  local Nottingham  community  to take part in our event . I  contacted a Nottingham DJ from the local Nottingham radio station Kemet FM  his name is Nico D  he has a wide range of experience and has supported me in previous events. I also contacted  Sam and Tiffany  who are Nottingham Carnival dancers  they have been dancing in the Nottingham carnival parade for many years. I also got in contact with Godfrey who works for the trust , he is   very creative individual and regularly holds African drumming events focusing on the β€œ Kassa β€œ rhythm.  

I liaised with my team and we agreed to have  a musical and creative experience for  the day that included education  about black history month,   musical and creative events ants and a carnival experience.

Each ward had an allocated time slot to attend the event and we had a high level of attendance across four out of five wards.  Patients were able to listen to the music, dance alongside the carnival dancers, engage in the African drumming experience and try out new foods. The event went so well and we received positive feedback from all of the patients , staff and  the visitors.

Thankyou again to DJ Nico D for the amazing music ,  Sam and Tiffany  the  wonderful  Carnival dancers who lead all of the carnival dancing and get us up from our seats and dancing around the sports hall  . Last but definitely not least,   Godfrey for the African drumming experience and providing the patients with their first experience of this wonderful musical drumming experience and the history behind it.

I also  want to say a HUGE Thankyou to all of the patients who came and celebrated with us all ,   thankyou to all the staff who supported me in organising this Black History event  on the 27th October 2021 . Thankyou to all of the Occupational Therapy, Education co-ordinator, wellbeing , sports department   , Social work  team  who  stayed after their shift to facilitate this wonderful event !!!!!!!!  .

Thankyou to Colin Mitchell  supermarket on Alfreton road  for the amazing Jamaican patties, Bun and cheese and chin chin snacks.

This year it was amazing to see as October being full of education , celebration , good food, music and discussions across the hospital.  We all came together and celebrated  such a  wonderful month.

Next year we hope to have a bigger celebration with a range of foods cooked meals including Jerk Chicken , Rice and Peas, Jollof Rice, Sadza,, Ugali and other dishes.  . We hope to create links with local  poets, spoken word , artists and external visitors to come and celebrate Black history month with us all.

See you all again  next year for Black history month 2022.

Patient feedback

β€œ Brilliant event”

β€œ Music was so good β€œ

β€œ follow the leader dance I  think we did it 10 times 😊 β€œ

β€œ I played the drums for the first time  β€œ

β€œ The displays looked good”

Written by Nikisha Ayre ( Senior Occupational Therapist)

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  1. looks as though you all had a fantastic time and worked so hard, so much effort gone into this. Brilliant, well done

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