Welcome to the Ward

Welcome to somebody, Arriving on the ward,

Exploring Hope ‘Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness’ Desmond Tutu.

Please settle in quickly, Hopeful to move forward,

Increase your self-belief, Develop confidence,

Displaying this to staff, Little need for offence.

The ward is quite friendly, The patients get along,

Basic rules are obeyed, Staff support being strong,

Whatever your worries, Please do not be afraid,

By showing true person, Character is displayed.

Undergo assessments, The medics recommend,

Any needs for changes, Clearly not to offend,

Practicing new purpose, Fruitful times you enjoy,

Good feelings deep inside, Seldom do you annoy.

Your nature will humble, More pleasant with others,

No longer enemy’s, Accept them as Brothers,

Skin colour not a problem, Religion not denied,

Living in harmony, without need for divide.

Improve the surrounding, Benefits will be there,

Smiling faces will appear, As people display care,

Office will benefit, The problems we can solve,

By working together, Then showing more resolve.  

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Ward

  1. Thank you for sharing your poetry.
    I particularly like the line ‘Living in harmony, without need for divide’.
    A great welcome and reassurance for new patients’

  2. Fantastic piece of poetry. Well done.
    I am sure that anyone new to the ward would find this very reassuring.

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