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Wathwood Hospital presented at our Forensic Quality Governance Group meeting this week. Michael Hedland – General Manager was on hand to feedback about the reports.

Here are a few highlights from the report

Capturing Feedback from our patients

 Wathwood captures feedback in the following ways:

The attendance of patients from each ward at Patient Forum

Wathwood is one of only two areas that hold a Patient forum every fortnight.  This works well for patients. Any issues raised, can be actioned in good time. These meetings are normally chaired by a patient with support from staff.

The Forum has again increased in popularity bouncing back from COVID.  Wathwood tried to run the Forum for a few times through Microsoft Teams

MS Team graphicIt worked but only when we had one or two patients from each ward, any more became difficult to manage. Examples of the themes from the Patients Forum over the last few months are as follows:

  • IPADS on the wards for patients to access Amazon site to undertake shopping and possibly more functions – this has been ongoing for two years with little progress from Trust although some encouraging conversations have recently been had and a working group supported by security Staff and  Nigel from the Involvement Team linking to Wells Road, Arnold Lodge, and Rampton so issues can be escalated in a group form. Adele Fox has made I.T issues a top priority and to this end we will soon be having extra support from the Trusts IT Team

Wathwood has always been very responsive at collecting the Trust Patient and Carer Experience survey   (PACE ) and we always receive a high number of returns Subsequently this generates a Quality improvement plan for each ward and is worked on together  with Staff and patients. This is excellent involvement and a good example of the’ You said we Did’ work.

You can view this public report here  Wathwood PACE REPORT April 22 – June 22

Recovery college.

Wathwood Recovery college have recently run two sessions of a new course which was co-produced with patients. Titled ‘making the most of my ward round‘. The second session was delivered as a pop-up classroom on our assessment ward for patients with no off-ward group access, the course proved especially helpful to new patients who are unfamiliar with ward rounds. It also generated many new ideas of how we could improve the ward round experience.

An idea we are developing with patients is a booklet that patients can fill in and take into a ward round, this will include any questions they wish to ask, how their week has gone and a section for patients to make notes during ward round.

Vocational roles at Wathwood

Finally, after a long wait due to Covid restrictions we have patients back in vocational roles. Patients are working in our patients shop and in the patient’s library. Woody’s shop has a patient working in the shop on a 12-week placement where patients do one day per week and run through a training programme like NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) retailing.

Simon Balmer – Wathwood Recovery College Lead

Volunteering and Volunteer Visiting

Wathwood has a very successful Volunteer Scheme. We have local residents who work at the weekends in the Courtyard Café, alongside patients to deliver a quality service to local residents and carers who visit the hospital.

They also have volunteers taking part in woodwork, pottery and craft projects with the patients.

A special mention must be given to Steve, (based at the Rosewood Involvement centre in New Ollerton) a massive supporter of Wathwood for many years, attending the Patients Forum, staff interviews and supporting the patients.

Planning for 2023

  • There will soon be a  new lead for involvement at Wathwood most likely from the Occupational Therapy Team
  • One  main objectives for the coming year is to have peer support workers;
  • Wathwood will continue to work with Horizon and Impact as our provider collaboratives to ensure patients have a voice in the new provider collaborative ways of working.
  • New Care Model (nottinghamshirehealthcare.nhs.uk)

Collaboration for Change

  • Actively promote the “carers opinion” as a way for patients to have a voice.
  • Prioritise the meetings that patients need to attend and expand the number of patients attending.
  • Continue to grow the Recovery College and collaboratively develop new courses.
  • Work more closely with Yorkshire and Humber Network. ( Secure units from across Yorkshire and Humber)
  • Yorkshire And Humber Involvement Network – Welcome

Carers update 

The information below illustrates how Wathwood is meeting the Triangle of Care standards in regard to how they are supporting and communicating with Carers and Families:

  • Carers are identified on first contact or as soon as possible.

The Social Work team work closely alongside carers and the family and friends of carers as part of their role. We also attend pre-admission meetings and S117 discharge meetings to ensure continuity with carers.

  • Carers ForumTriangle of Care

The last Carers Forum had a talk about hospital reviews from the CQC, commissioners and Quality Network.  they also promoted free cake and coffee at the courtyard café for carers.  They also like to undertake some group work and the mindfulness presentation looking at self care was very well received by those attending, who stated that they personally found it useful and would continue with it.

The patients and carers also have a meal together and at this event they were all presented with hanging baskets in full bloom.

last blog re carers ;

Wathwood Hospital Round up news – Involvement, Experience & Volunteering (nottshc.nhs.uk)

  • Carer’s training

This features in staff annual mandatory training and allows staff to understand the importance of carer involvement and the hospital commitment to be inclusive.

  • Carers Link

Each ward also has a carers link who attends the carers events, ensures there is a contact on each ward and ensures care plans include carer considerations

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