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We had a great carers Forum at Wathwood on Saturday.  The families were able to enjoy a summer themed menu with their loved ones and had a very informative presentation from psychology around self care and mindfulness

Lisa Locking – Clinical Matron and Cares Lead hosted the group. along side……

  1. J Treanor – CBT therapist
  2. S Morris – Social Worker
  3. L Heptinstall – Team leader Rehab carers Link
  4. Ben Pickering – HCA Lodges carers link
  5. Dr Jaspe – Medical
  6. L Wood – Staff Nurse Con Cares carers link
  7. SWarren – Secretary
  8. K Smith – TNA Assessment ward link
  9. A Mitchell – Security

This so important to have the Staff on hand to aid conversations and Q&A sessions 

Lisa Gave  feedback from CQC unannounced visit and inspection 8th and 9th February.

Commissioners care review 7th February.

QN review in April 2022.

also Farm shop is  reopening 1st Saturday of every month. free cake and coffee cares loyalty card.

New staff starting at Wathwood and feedback given about numbers of discharges over the past year and where patients have moved on to.

Tour for new visitors.

Carers were also able to take home a lovely hanging basket made by patients in horticulture


which were  were presented to each carer by Wathwood’s horticulture team made by patients and staff








Information shared on the day in leaflet form about carers need assessments and local support groups





External/ Wathwood Visitors attending the event: was S Goodwin who volunteers at A Lodge at all Patient forums and events  Thank youIEV Logo


Feedback from carers

Welcome always warm and friendly

Presentation was insightful and relaxing

Organisation of the day Brilliant, awesome staff go above and beyond every time.

Group work and presentation excellent

Future Forums recommendations

One carer said they would like to see someone from the Trust board or executive level – Action Lisa 

More mindfulness

Numbers of discharges to be included at every forum

Carers and Families – Involvement, Experience & Volunteering (nottshc.nhs.uk)


What’s been going on at Wathwood recently



Here is an informative look on Ramadan, on how it is celebrated, who celebrates it and why.

We interviewed 2 patients who spoke about the importance of Ramadan. Below are photos from the Eid celebrations.

What can you tell me about Ramadan?

It is a 30 day fast. We do it so we can feel what it is like to go without food and water, so that we feel thankful at the end of the day when we eat.

Is there a certain God that you worship?

There is only 1 God who we pray to and it’s Allah.

How often do you pray?

We pray 5 times a day – we say a different prayer depending on where the sun is.

What things can and can’t you do during Ramadan?

We can’t eat food or drink water between sunrise and sunset. We also can’t smoke or take medication. Some people are exempt, the elderly, ill, children and pregnant women.

How long does Ramadan last?

It lasts for 30 days.

Is there something to look forward to at the end of Ramadan?

We have a celebration called Eid. It is a big feast with family and friends. We also give money to charity.


Why do you fast?

So we can feel how others feel who are in need.

How do people open a fast?

Many people eat dates, this is a cultural reason. You can open a fast using any food or drink.

How long does Ramadan last?

30 days.

What do you find the hardest part of fasting?

Having no water.

Can you put anything in your mouth during fasting?

No, if you’re ill and you vomit and swallow it, this means that your body is uncleansed so your fast is broken. You can’t smoke either.

What is Zakat?

Zakat is giving money to charity if you aren’t fasting. You give enough money each day for someone to buy

a meal.



We listened to your feedback and thought it would be a good idea to get information on new hospitals that you could be moving on to. This will become a regular feature.

Forest Lodge is a low secure inpatient unit which includes two wards, an assessment ward and a rehabilitation ward.

There are 10 beds on the assessment ward, and 12 on the rehabilitation ward.

Both wards are male only.

Forest Lodge has large indoor and outdoor communal recreational areas, as well as occupational therapy staff who offer a range of activities.

Which hospital would you like to see next?

Bradley H did a 10K charity run in the gym before Christmas, raising £100 for The Alzheimer’s Society, a charity close to his heart.

He came up with the idea after talking to another patient and went to the patient forum to get approval and support.

Bradley said he used to do boxing and he has also done some weightlifting in the gym. He prepared for the run by doing lots of treadmill sessions for a couple of months before. He completed the distance in just under an hour – impressive!

He said he felt a sense of achievement and that it was a good cause to run for.

Bunting Banner

Well done on a great job!



These are items made in our craft room by patients. Well done lads, all looking great











Other updates




Thanks to Rachel Education Team Leader for sending the newsletter


As Normal Lots going on at Wathwood and Summer is just starting


Nigel Groves

Involvement and Experience Lead, Forensic Services

Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust











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