Wathwood Hospital Patients Forum starts up again

‘’I attended the Wathwood Patient Involvement meeting which was held for me via Microsoft Teams. Wathwood have found a way to get the Forums back on track re the covid situation which is just great.

In the meeting held there was a very good agenda with questions and challenges to the General Manager Rick Fuller and his team attending. This is normal for Wathwood.

The part of the meeting which I found very very interesting was a discussion around  equality  And diversity which led to discussion around racism. This section of the meeting took the majority of the time for the meeting. The most interesting thing for me what is the transparency and open this of the discussions. The debate was powerful to listen to of personal views from patients around equality and diversity. It is vital in these days to continue to challenge racism and the link to equality for all. Wathwood hospital are unafraid to tackle and discuss the subject matter and take all the time necessary for patience to feedback their views. As an outsider looking in at the meeting via Microsoft team video conferencing I was truly inspired why the openness and the discussions taking place. Wathwood should  to be commended.

Nigel Groves

Involvement and Experience Lead, Forensic Services

Due to the current new normal The Patient forums will be running weekly ward by Ward

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