Volunteers – have your say.

We’ve been having a lot of conversations as a team as to how we support volunteers through these unusual times. We’d usually be able to have a quick chat with many of you in the Involvement Centres to get your opinion on things, but failing that, we thought a quick poll would help us gauge what you think!

Have a look at the three questions below and have your say. Your answers will influence what our team offers out to our community of volunteers.

[ays_poll id=1] [ays_poll id=4] [ays_poll id=5]
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4 thoughts on “Volunteers – have your say.

  1. Thanks for the Newletter. I was particularly pleased that it provided a link, last week, to an additional volunteering opportunity.

  2. Don’t have much data I only have my mobile and streaming would take all my data so can’t participate sorry

    1. Thanks for responding Amanda.

      We’re trying to explore a lot of different ways to keep in touch with people that doesn’t require physical contact. It’s tricky to find one that doesn’t need an internet connection in some way. If you have any ideas or suggestions of how we can best support people in a similar boat, we’d be happy to see how we could put them into action.

      Hope you’re well.

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