Volunteer Training Spotlight: Conflict Resolution

We offer a range of training and ongoing development opportunities for our volunteers. As part of this, we support volunteers to complete the Volunteer Learning Passport and provide evidence towards the completion of the National Volunteer Certificate. These Volunteer Training Spotlight articles highlight training courses which make up the Volunteer Learning Passport.

What is the training course about?

“It is essential that all volunteers feel safe in their role. Aggressive behaviour can have a negative effect on volunteers and it can impact the standards of service. This session describes the steps that be taken to avoid or reduce conflict.” 

Why is it important?

Thankfully, confrontational incidents involving volunteers is rare within Nottinghamshire Healthcare. However, there is always the potential for an incident to occur or for volunteers to witness an incident. This training session gives an awareness as to behaviours involved with conflict, ways to try and deescalate a situation and what support and help you are entitled to as a volunteer.

Is this part of the Volunteer Learning Passport?

Yes, it is part of the courses that make up the Volunteer Passport and contributes towards the National Volunteer Certificate.

How do I access training when the Involvement Centres are closed?

As we can’t offer face to face training currently, all volunteers can access the e-Learning for Healthcare website for free. We’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you sign up and get started as well as a video guide below. If you have any problems or are nervous in getting online, just let us know.

I need support to complete the training.

We would normally be offering a range of training options, unfortunately we’ve had to suspend face to face training in the Involvement Centres during national restrictions. We hope to resume this as soon as we’re able, but we have no estimate at this current time as to when this will be. If you need support in getting online or completing the courses on the e-Learning for Healthcare website get in touch with the Volunteering Team and we will work with you to support you as best we can.

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