Virtual Social Visitor Event June 2020 Rampton Hospital

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first virtual social visitors event took place on 13 June 2020 during Carers Week. Lorna Breckell, Family & Volunteer Support Manager shares her recollections of the event.

The event day was unusual. It was our very first virtual event day due to the national pandemic and the restrictions in place by the government around social distancing and limiting movement and travel across the country.

The recap article by Lisa Brannan and the presentation are also shared on our Trust website too. 

Have a look here: Social Visitor Events and Involvement

The presentation provides up to date information about the hospital and contains loads of artwork, reflections and some impressive poems which have been written by patients, staff, carers and families of Rampton Hospital. 

Lisa Brannan, Family and Volunteer Support Worker
Lisa Brannan, Family and Volunteer Support Worker shares a recap of the day
Virtual social visitor event day recap by Lisa Brannan.pdf [pdf] 140KB

Visitors were able to attend three separate meetings for a coffee and chat. By all accounts it was a great success and the team were delighted to still be able to share a day with friends and families of patients in the Hospital. 

We have made the presentation from the day available

 Virtual Social Visitors Event Presentation 13 June 2020.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Thank you to everyone who made this such an enjoyable event. A lot of work behind the scenes went into making this a first for High Secure Services within our Trust. A few technical hiccups were resolved quickly. Dropped connections and laptop shenanigans always make for an interesting interlude! I’m looking forward to the September event which has already met to plan the day. Jane Danforth – Involvement & Experience Officer

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