Three cheers for technology – Carers Week 2021

Well, I never thought that I would say it but three cheers for technology!  I am grateful to all those who have made it possible for me to keep in touch with my grandson during lockdown. It has, quite literally  brought a new dimension to ‘making caring visible and valued’. I have been able to be ‘present ‘ at ward reviews and other meetings which would have proved impossible under the restrictions and I was able to see and speak to him too.

We have lost so much valuable time with our loved ones but we have been able to be involved in a different way.

Thank you everyone, especially staff on Orchid Ward for making us feel valued.

Orchid Ward – Caring for males aged 18-65 within Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. – Adult Mental Health Services

Ann Parkes – Carer and Volunteer Involvement, Experience & Volunteering

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