The Wheels on The Bus… What we did at the AGM!

It’s Friday 24th July 2015 and we are all on the bus going to the Annual General Meeting. Spirits are high and we are all looking forward to a day out. Me and Paul are on the back seat with the rest of the Rosewood Gang in front of us. Steve is Tweeting furiously… ‘’Finding Ingrid at the end of the day as she has a tendency to wander’’!  Laughter and chat is reverberating through the bus. It’s great to be together and days like this help you realise how special a group we are and how we work so well together as Nigel’s “A” Team of volunteers  (this is what he calls us!)

Jaswinder, Mike and Beth are fronting the CPA stall at the AGM. They have some very useful information regarding the Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act and Care Programme Approach. They also have a mock ‘Top Gear’ and an interactive exercise for people to take part in. There are a number of sentences relating to the law and CPA with certain words missing and Beth is timing how long it takes for people to fill in the gaps.

It’s fun, exciting and competitive. The prize is a remote control Ferrari F1! ‘Young Mike’ has a go as do I with Steve from Rosewood and other passers by. By the end of the day it is clear that ‘Young Mike’ is the winner, and is well for ‘knowing his stuff’, (he’s a young carer) and he has the fastest time. Well done ‘Young Mike’! The stall is also great because they have a good supply of chocolate freebies, which encourages me to drop in. What a fun way to learn about the law and also to realise how little people know as well! Thanks to the Care Programme Approach Team.

Carol – Rosewood Involvement Volunteer

What we did at the AGM!

Our group from Rosewood Involvement Centre had the privilege of attending the Trust’s AGM which was held at East Midlands Conference Centre. Over 50 stands giving a variety of information about Trust the services were on offer. We were all very grateful of the “freebies” such as pens, sweets, chocolates, gadgets, plus other promotional paraphernalia. The day gave us the opportunity to catch up with other fellow members of the Trust. At question time we were able to ask Ruth Hawkins our Chief Executive, four questions on behalf of patients at Rampton Hospital. Dr. Julie Hall was able to help answer some of these questions in more detail. All of us who attended the day really enjoyed this annual event.

Ingrid – Rosewood Involvement Volunteer (see ‘Where’s Ingrid’ on Eric’s Blog)

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