The value of volunteers

At Nottinghamshire Healthcare, we are lucky to have the support of hundreds of generous volunteers who give up their time to help make our services, and people’s lives, better.

We thought it was really interesting to read the report produced by The King’s Fund in 2013 on understanding the scale and impact of volunteering in the NHS, which valued the contribution made by volunteers at the same level as a Band 2 employee.

It is very difficult to accurately calculate the economic value of volunteers – and even then, the contribution they make reaches far beyond the financial benefit.  But, just to give an idea…

Most of our volunteers give at least 3hrs a week to volunteering for Notts Healthcare, and do this on average twice a week, so to be conservative we have calculated the annual contribution of our volunteers based on six sessions a month.

This means, at a very conservative guess, that our volunteers ‘donate’ over 30,000 hours a year to supporting us, which, by The King’s Fund’s suggestion, means an annual contribution of over £290,000!

Wow. That’s quite some contribution!

To all our volunteers – thank you, sincerely, for all that you do.


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