THE STORY SHOP by JULES – Involvement Volunteer

The Story Shop in Action

It was a lovely Summers Day when we did a Story Shop at Retford Post 16 College on 17th June 2015.  A Story Shop is when you sit with a person or small group and talk about your own personal lived experience of mental health. The aim was to help the students understand about mental health and to combat stigma.

When I tell my story, I feel different emotions and feelings which can help heal me inside.  Telling my story often makes me feel very high but in a positive way.  When I look at the students faces they can looked puzzled and very often don’t know what to say or ask you.  I try to be open and honest and whilst telling my story, encourage them to ask questions to help them understand my diagnosis and what I have been through.

Once I have finished talking, the students sometimes say how very brave I am to tell my story about my lived experience.

I feel that my life has changed for the better. I am looking forward to the future.

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