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I attend the Spirituality Forum at Highbury Hospital, it is run by the Rt Rev Dr Paul Quilter and Katja Milner from the Spirituality and Pastoral Care Service, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

These sessions run for two hours once every three months where we hear from Paul and Katja as well as other guest speakers.

At the last meeting we had a guest speaker – a mental health liaison nurse from Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.  He spoke about someone’s personal story and the importance of listening to the service user. Each Forum is different and is linked to the topic of spirituality.

Staff and services users are all welcome and there are a variety of folk who attend.  I enjoy these meetings and I try to attend wherever possible as Paul and Katja make us feel welcome. They are good speakers. I thoroughly recommend attending the Forum as I find it interesting, informative, and helpful.

If you want to find out more about this forum contact

Paul Quilter Head of Spiritual and Pastoral Care

0115 9529485

Katja Milner Spirituality Lead

0115 8542289

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