‘Patients and Staff at Rampton Hospital were asked to reflect on what life is like for them at the moment.  Amidst the national pandemic and how the government guidance as impacted on their day-to day life – all reflections have been anonymised for confidentiality reasons.  The reflections (written, poems and artwork) are being collated and will form part of an online presentation for patients family members & friends who are currently unable to visit the hospital.

The Not So New Normal – Rampton Hospital Carer

The lives changed for so many on the 23rd March 2020.

For us it changed many years ago.  Government advice streams from all media sources – stay in, stay safe, and protect the NHS.

Our relatives have no choice -staying in is their way, keeping safe we sincerely pray.

As we (carers) are unable to shield and protect our loved ones our way.

Orders are issues of a new way of living and set down in place – all must obey.  How does it feel to have your rights taken away?

Restrictions placed on Where? When? And Who? Are imposed – new rules for the world but old ones the patients and carers living by these days upon day, year by year!

Instructions are issued from the top, all visiting and hugging your loved ones when you feel like it has to stop! 

Now the world has begun to live the life of carers. 

Although the outside world can no longer visit these relatives, technology has found a way, but for carers and relatives that option is so far away.  Yes we can talk to our loved ones on the telephone when time is allowed for them to phone home.

The outside world has complaints; all their planned celebrations have to wait – weddings cancelled, christenings too, no birthday parties or proms to do. 

Welcome to the lives of patients all these special occasions have been cancelled too – spare a thought for all those occasions that the patient couldn’t go too.

Some professionals re-classified as key workers set off for work, while others are furloughed and told to work from home.  That makes it harder for us you see, for going to work during the day, focused on our tasks, kept our tears at bay.  

Morning, noon and night our thoughts drift to our loved ones so far away.

Your world has changed – how does it feel?  Thinking of your loved ones that you can no longer visit and hug at will – I sit here and reflect how the world has finally caught up with me!

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