The EURIPIDES project – Improvements across inpatient mental health care.

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Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright works for the Involvement and Experience Team.  His role as Involvement & Experience Lead for Local Partnerships means he works across services in Local Partnerships at Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. He’s pretty busy doing lots of our Involvement work but broadly speaking Jonathan has an oversight in how Involvement and Experience is moving forward across services, where services might need support and developing innovations to work together collaboratively.

In his latest blog, Jonathan shares his learning from a conference he attended on behalf of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in March 2018 about EURIPIDES  which is short for a very long title, Evaluating the Use of Patient Experience Data to Improve the Quality of Inpatient Mental Health Care Study!

 EURIPIDES is a national study and the Trust has been part of it. It aims to understand which of the many different approaches to collecting and using patient experience data are the most useful for supporting it. Every Trust collects patient feedback data, and in some cases they have spent years setting up local systems for this. The EURIPIDES project focuses on learning what works best from the wide range of current approaches. It will be the first comprehensive overview of approaches to collecting and using patient experience data to improve inpatient mental health care in England. Notts Healthcare has been part of this study. They were identified as one of six case sites and interviews took place with staff and service users and carers in 2017.

The findings from all the research were brought together and presented at this Consensus conference.  It brought together all the findings and asked the participants from across the country to agree on what to do next and what would work in their organisations in terms of ‘how’ it could then be implemented. The research project developed a set of ‘rules’ and from their emerging data we were asked to consider how to implement this in an NHS setting.  The Consensus aspect of the day was the discussion and decisions around these ‘rules’.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the EURIPIDES project continues and how it might impact on national guidance for gathering quality feedback.

It was a fascinating day and as you know, we like to share our work in Involvement.  Have a read and get in touch if you want to know more!

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