Thank You From Me For All You Do.

Hi, My Name Is Nigel and I work mostly in the Forensic Division supporting Patients and Staff with Involvement and Feedback support.

Could I just say a very big Thank You to our wonderful volunteers who over time have come to be ‘the Normal Now’, what I mean is they support so much work, like Patient Councils, Events, Helping with Training via the Recovery collages, Interview Support and to this end it has become Normal to see our Fantastic Volunteers giving freely their own time supporting our Patients and Staff.

This is across the Division which includes Rampton Hospital, Wathwood, Arnold Lodge ,and Wells Road Centre and we even have volunteers supporting Patients meeting in some of our HMP Sites.

The volunteers are so inspiring to Patients who have come to Trust in them and what they do… this is not a given it has been earned .

Thank you from Me for all you do.


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