The Story Shop is aimed at 4th year medical students at QMC. Our volunteers attend their training to tell their stories about their experiences around mental health, service users and as carers.

We’ve had some lovely feedback recently from the students which just exemplifies the positive impact of our volunteers.

  • Really good experience, thank you!
  • Really great opportunity to explore different points of view surrounding mental health.
  • Excellent session – thank you! Would be good to hear from younger patients/carers experiencing current NHS practice/services.
  • Lovely experience.
  • Really good experience to hear from carers and their perspectives of the care pathway.
  • Very useful in gaining patient and carer insight into treatment.
  • Thank you so much. Very useful to be able to talk to people who have been involved in services. Very open, honest and useful discussion.
  • Very useful session – good for gaining broader insight of mental health issues.
  • Really good to talk to patients and carers involved in psychiatric services.
  • Very good and interesting.
  • Really helpful and enjoyable!
  • Good to hear from service users.
  • Very good, useful and fun.
  • Really enlightening.
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