”Rosewood Rockers” Volunteers Entertaining our Patients


Our Involvement volunteers travel round to sites in the Trust in numerous roles ranging from feeding patients to taking part in interviews. One popular request from in-patient areas is for entertainment on the wards. Many patients have told us it makes them feel better when singing or listening to music. Here is one account of where our volunteers give their time to cheer up the day of patients on the wards.

Rosewood Rockers

The Rockers

In  July The Rosewood Rockers , Alan and Eric  gave a performance of sing-a-long with the ladies at the Diamond Resource Centre in Rampton Hospital.

There was an enthusiastic response all round from the patients who joined in with the singing. “You are my sunshine” “Country Roads” and ” With a little help from my friends” were all popular.

One of the Ladies gave a solo performance of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” which was very well received as she has a beautiful voice.

One of the patients commented, “ I don’t come out of my room very much but today I have really enjoyed the music”

Hopefully there will be more musical afternoons soon!

Eric Wilson Rosewood Rocker – Involvement Volunteer


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