Rosewood Involvement Centre- what’s on July 2015

Let’s start with Fridays:

This month we have a variety of guests which include:

* The deputy director of local services- Amanda Kemp

* The head of HR- Claire Teeney

* Louise Randall – Louise is currently reviewing operational procedures at the Millbrook hospital, a process we are actively involved in.

We have two executive directors visiting Rosewood this month. On 17th July, Ruth Hawkins, chief executive, will visit. This will be a chance for volunteers at Rosewood to update Ruth on all the work they are involved in.

On 31st July the Rosewood patron, Julie Hall, Executive Director of Forensic Services will be visiting the centre. This is always a great opportunity for Julie to meet service users and carers and volunteers in the centre. Being our patron Julie has a keen interest on everything the centre is involved in and is very keen to hear individual stories. She is always enthusiastic about how she can support us to develop and be involved within the Trust.

24th July is the annual general meeting and we will have two minibuses travelling from Rosewood. The annual general meeting is very popular with the service users and carers and volunteers at Rosewood and is always well supported. This year there will be an opportunity for some of our volunteers who attend meetings at Rampton to ask questions at the AGM on behalf of patients.

Mondays at Rosewood:

Apart from 13th July the comms group will meet as normal. The communications feedback media group will be working on blogging this month. They will also be acting as a resource to review a carers’ document in partnership with the family friends and carers staff. We also have Jane Danforth come in one day this month on 20th July to help train service users and volunteers interested in Patient Opinion, blogging and tweeting.

Thursday, 2nd July is the Rosewood County carers’ group. This is a new group for carers who wish to link to involvement. The group members consist of carers from Bassetlaw, Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood. At this first meeting of the carers of us for some training relating to the mental capacity act. This group intends to meet four times a year and is a great opportunity for carers across the North of the County to come together and share their experience with each other. This group will also act as a resource for the trust who want to discuss issues policies except. The group of also indicated they would like to invite key guests for example Chief Executive general manager local services etc.

The involvement interview team training continues this month. This training is always co-produced. The involvement interview team training enables service users patients and carers to take part in the interview process for the trust linking to value-based recruitment.

At Millbrook hospital there are several meetings and events this month which we will be supporting. We have service users and carers involved in the Millbrook live events committee. This particular meeting is run by the general manager of local services and is actively reviewing all care at Millbrook to see how things can be improved for patients and staff alike this is a great opportunity for our volunteers to take part in such a senior meeting.

There is a summer fair at Millbrook on 9th July which Rosewood will be fully supporting providing a tombola, involvement stall, and the Rosewood rockers three of our volunteers who will be performing three sets of songs from their repertoire. This will also be an opportunity to gain feedback from patients about their care and also get feedback from the event itself.

There are several other groups meetings that we are involved in this month. For more information please contact Nigel Groves, involvement centre manager the Rosewood centre church circle new Ollerton Newark, Notts NG22 9SZ. Telephone number (0115) 956 0845.


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