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Our two Involvement Centres  provide a place where people can get involved in a variety of activities and opportunities. The voices of our service users, volunteers and carers are essential. To have a say in how services are run and developed together takes more than a listening ear, it takes action to make changes based on what people say.

Nottingham Involvement Centre is based within Trust Headquarters at Duncan Macmillan House. The Rosewood Involvement Centre is based in Ollerton. 

Ten years ago,  rewind to an Involvement event to plan for the future.  Based on the success of the Nottingham Involvement Centre, the seed of an idea was planted.  One question was being asked regularly. ‘What about opening another Involvement Centre in the North of the County’? 

Gladys Involvement Volunteer

Gladys, one of our long standing volunteers suggested,   ‘How about some Involvement Log Cabins in the woods’?   This vision was truly lovely! Other dreams included a mobile Involvement Bus (the wheels came off that particular idea quite soon!) to Involvement Hubs across the Trust. We soon found out what was practical and achievable and so the story began….

People have said lots of amazing things about Rosewood over the years, one of which struck a chord was feeling ‘a sense of belonging’.  Service users, carers, volunteers and staff  were supported by the Involvement Team . They told us they had to feel that what they were doing  for the Trust was making a difference and adding value. Their voices laid the foundations for the future and have become integral in how we work together today.

Rosewood Artwork created by volunteers and staff

The Rosewood Centre  celebrated 10 Years since the doors opened on Friday 17th November 2008.  The success of the Involvement Centre in Nottingham was the catalyst to open another hub where people living and working in the North of the County were able to meet to plan their work across the Trust.

Opening the Rosewood Centre
Mike Cooke CBE – Former Chief Executive of Notts Healthcare with volunteers and staff

Fast forward to Friday November 16th 2018. This time the celebrations were testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone connected with the Rosewood centre.

At Rosewood, volunteers strongly believe that patients are absolutely central to our ambitions; ensuring that their voice is heard, they’re treated with respect, and their needs are met. We want to influence change in our Services and culture across the Trust for the the better; building relationships with staff – helping, supporting and doing some of the things they aren’t able to do. There’s a list of involvement activities as long as your arm and their diaries are usually pretty packed. 

The warmth of the welcome at Rosewood is often something that is remarked upon by staff and volunteers alike. There’s a strong sense of community and looking after each other – from helping out in the garden, to cooking the fortnightly Friday meeting buffet and singing together at special events.

“The peer support is so central to our lives as Rosewood Carers and Volunteers.” 

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