Road Map from Covid at Carers event. “Wathwood is giving the best treatment our son has ever had’ ‘And Family Interventions at Wathwood Hospital

Road road map from Covid, looking ahead

We had our first virtual Forum on Saturday 13th  March. It went really well we had families join and a presentation from Helen F CBT therapist. Thank you to all those who joined on the day the Forums are only ever as good as the input and effort we put in.

At the Carers event we went though the Roadmap out of lock down ,

 We also gave information about carers assessments, Quality network participation, carers feedback. , Quality network participation  26th April, CQC information and updates in General we ran a ice breaker Easter Quiz (Suzanne) Thank you.

To end the session we had a presentation: family intervention service at Wathwood


“very helpful presentation”

“Wathwood is giving the best treatment our son has ever had, we are thankful he is with yourselves”

In future when Forums return face to face could there still be an option to attend virtually unable to attend the hospital because of distance

Lisa Locking

Deputy Matron

Wathwood Hospital

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