Recovery. Hope,Control & Opportunity



Recovery is extremely important to me and means something different to everyone. What is common in Recovery are the models known as Clinical Recovery and Personal Recovery.

Clinical Recovery is when medication kicks in and starts to give some relief from symptoms and Personal Recovery is about three main things: Hope, Control & Opportunity.


During my Recovery I’ve had ups and downs. It’s never a linear journey. However, my Psychiatric Nurse, family and friends have helped me maintain some hope that things will improve in my life. I have been given hope to achieve great things in my volunteering role at The Involvement Centre at Duncan Macmillan House which also brings about the hope to gain a greater understanding of myself.


I have often felt out of control and have overdosed and self-harmed in the past. I have been psychotic and sectioned twice. Once for six months and once for 14 months. Now I am in Recovery. I feel I have control over my behaviour and symptoms. I have wellness plan, a crisis plan and an advanced statement which helps me keep a certain amount of control over my treatment.


As well as The Involvement Centre at Duncan Macmillan House, I have had the opportunity to get involved in therapeutic groups at a clinic in Carlton. At one group I met my best friend!

I am a student at the Nottingham Recovery College particularly enjoying the mindfulness course. I’m now enrolled on Peer support worker training.

So, I am having an opportunity to share my experience to help others on their own unique journeys of Recovery  too.

What is Mindfulness? 


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