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Ellie Lewis-Parker Senior Project Manager, Planning & Partnerships has been working with Patients across the Trust and also at Rampton reviewing the Trusts new Draft Strategy and what is important from a Patients point of view. We will update on the feedback next time but wanted to thank Ellie for her very positive commitment to getting the Patient voice heard around the Proposals.

We had the first visit from the PAT dog Percy on the 27th of October. We originally had 6 patients booked into see Percy, and this was agreed with their MDT.

The LD service has been chosen as the pilot area, and it will be reviewed after 3 visits to see if it’s been beneficial to the patients and that it was managed effectively.

On the night patient MW and CR came across to meet Percy,and were totally transfixed by the little dog.

It bought out a side of them that staff hadn’t seen before, very gentle  and caring, and one of them stated it was 10/10.

Both have asked to come again when possible.

Continued LD Update


Due to the success of the LD Sports day, it was important that we kept up staff and patient’s enthusiasm by doing another patient event, It was decided we should focus on patients wellbeing so we ran a Health & Wellbeing Week from 1st-5th November

Rampton Carers

Even though it was important to get the message across of looking after ourselves it was also important to make it fun and enjoyable

There was a full timetable with the Health Centre, SALT and the Hand Washing team being involved

The Health Centre gave a talk on diabetes as well as the male cancers which the patients listened to intensively and asked relevant questions about

All patients were offered a basic fitness assessment by the Health & Fitness team and results were explained to everyone

The games we played were all a healthy theme such as Meal of Fortune, Fruit & Veg bingo……

fast food Cars and Play your Carbs right, all patients were well up for getting involved and trying them out. The fast-food cars involved the remote-control cars and a course that had been designed and made by staff and patients in the weeks leading up to the event

Every patient on the LD directorate was offered the chance to get involved and if they couldn’t attend Southwell Day area, we took the activities to them on the ward.

The Seg patients enjoyed coming over and taking part and it was one of these patients first time ever to come to the Day Unit which was great to see. In total we had 56 contacts that attended throughout the week.

The hard work and effort shown by staff and patients to make this event the huge success it was just shows the LD service is a great directorate to work in

Safe and Wellbeing Reviews

The Learning Disability Service are actively supporting  “Safe and Wellbeing Reviews” Case Managers for the patients identified region are completing these in addition to CTR’s and ICTR;s . The Reviews were actioned for all people within hospital settings with a Learning Disability or and Autism, following a report into “Cawston Park Hospital” in Norfolk.

Darren Worthington , Clinical Practice Nurse has been coordinating the reviews for the service to ensure that case managers are supported in completing these by the end of January 2022

The team have developed easy read material so that patients are supported to be fully engaged in the process and are able to discuss their experiences of care with a focus on safety and well being.

The review involves a full day, and a requirement is that the reviewer spends 3 hours with the person whose care they are reviewing, as well as consulting with all relevant professionals and exploring all aspects of the environment. Planning the reviews and centralizing the process to enable oversight of the resource requirement has been essential in ensuring that relevant people are able to attend where possible.

The service has received recognition at a national level for the commitment and support of this process, which had very limited lead in time and information, however, case managers and other reviewers have been very positive.

Darren Worthington

Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Women’s services

We have had several Care opinion stories from the Woman’s service and the PD service, this story below is such wonderful feedback and so positive to read

Care Opinion

Above Care Opinion Link

Below enter Rampton into search box to see more stories

Trauma Informed Care Project

In the Women’s Service, the Recovery College, Rachel Beryl (Forensic Psychologist) and TASI Champions having been working together to deliver Trauma Informed Care Sessions. These sessions have explored the concept of ‘trauma informed care’ and the process of trauma recovery, as well as focusing on the service’s new Trauma Informed Care Pathway.

Patients have enjoyed getting hands on to draw their own flower which represents their personal trauma-informed care pathway, and includes the three phases of trauma recovery: safety and stabilisation (the roots), insight and processing (the stem) and reintegration and moving forward (the leaves and petals).  In the final session, all participants decorated their own petal, to contribute to the creation of a new logo for the Women’s Service (a project co-ordinated by Laura Longdon, Forensic Psychologist). All patients and staff in the women’s service are invited to add their own petal, and get involved in co-producing the new flower logo for the service.

Kirsty Smith
Recovery College Coordinator  

Mental Health Care stream

Electronic music event at Rampton Hospital

We’re delighted to let you know that five patients from the Mental Health Carestream at Rampton Hospital, along with two external electronic artists ‘Rezzonator’ and ‘Shelter Calm’ from Nottingham, will be performing at the hospital to a patient audience on 10 December, with appropriate infection control procedures in place.

The patients have been developing electronic composition and performance skills as part of a programme called Create and Resonate, a multidisciplinary group led by Music Therapist Rebecca Roberts and Occupational Therapist Glenn Painter.

To ensure the event is inclusive, it will be filmed and shown on the patient TV system to ensure all patients have access to view the event. It’s sure to be a great success, and it’s great to see patients using their performing and electronic composition skills in this way.

Wednesday the 15th December will see the Mental Health Care stream Patients Oscars event after much planning and several setbacks over the course of the last two years due to the covid pandemic.

So much hard work has taken place behind the scenes with patients coming up with ideas for the nomination categories, producing powerpoints, certificates, awards, the decorations, as well as writing their own scripts to introduce the event itself and the entertainment. We have live entertainment on the night utilising the patients and staffs skills. Fingers crossed the event is able to take place 🤞.


A few things that have been going on with the Speech and language therapy team.

  • We’ve had a big focus on supporting people who need information provided in accessible formats. We have been getting feedback from patients with communication needs about what they find easiest to understand.  We created some different examples of accessible information and asked patients how well they felt they understood each example, and which they prefer.  So far the results show that patients prefer written information provided in a grid style. Most people have preferred one key point per box, with a picture on the left. Most people prefer the picture to be a real photograph, or colour illustration (as opposed to a symbol).
  • We’ve been working with other staff in the hospital who support people with communication needs via accessible information.  There is now an Accessible Information Advisory Group.  The aim is to share good ideas and best practice.  There has been great attendance at this group from a wide range e.g. physical healthcare, Grampian, Emerald, LD directorate, and loads of really good ideas.  We want to run some training on creating accessible information.
  • The SLT team have led a project with the social work team to create a family/ carer questionnaire to be completed with families prior to a new patient being admitted. This has been created by members of the MDT and has been shared with carers and patients for feedback. The key idea for this work to improve communication between clinical teams and family/carers whilst improving patient care.
  • Staffing and recruitment has been a challenge, but things are improving somewhat. A big welcome to Jack, working in Women’s Service. Also to Hazel, working into Arnold Lodge and Wells Road. We have a new assistant starting soon, Magenta, and a new SLT Emma who is hoping to start early next year.
  • We still have some staffing shortages, particularly in the Mental Health and PD care streams.  We are working closely with MDTS to try to priorities patients as best as we can, and we will continue trying to recruit.

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