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This months update from Rampton  includes some wonderful updates.  I have really enjoyed pulling this update together.



Patient Forums in the care streams are running successfully and are well attended by our patients. It’s good to see that the meetings run when it best suits the patients with three meetings of starting at 6pm and others at 1 and 2pm.  The technology group meeting is set up and running monthly with excellent involvement of patient representatives from all the Carestreams in attendance. This is chaired and minuted by one of our patients who has extensive knowledge around this subject. I would like to thank all the staff who set the group up and continue to support the patients with Computers and Tablet rollout.

There is a ‘Food and Shop’ group which meets monthly. Food and shopping are crucially important to our patients and it is good to see that patient representatives challenge the group and have a real say in the subject.

Our Divisional Patient Involvement and improvement group is chaired by Dave Mason, Associate Director of Nursing, Quality and Patient Experience. This brings together  our other forensic services and includes Wathwood Hospital, The Wells Road Centre, Arnold Lodge Secure Unit and Rampton Hospital.  There are opportunities for shared learning to embed a process for escalations from care streams action logs. I am grateful to all the staff supporting this meeting as there is always a packed agenda.

Staff interviews continue to take place at Rampton Hospital with patient panels actively involved and participating. It is an excellent example of  best practice across the whole Trust.

We have some new roles at Rampton with the new Head of Nursing and Quality – Meagan McNaney. Meagan  is really supportive of involvement at all levels.  I attend her Quality and Risk group. I am  being supported by Megan to add the patient voice which will help in QI- Quality Improvement)  Our new Deputy Matrons are supportive as are the The eight Quality Improvement Deputy Matrons..  I can see a change already since they have been in post  including some quality improvement projects and additional support for all involvement.  Exciting times!


Meagan has also met with Joanna Rapson –  Volunteer uniformVolunteering and Befriending Manager to see how we can start to get our Volunteers  (not the befriending service at Rampton ) back in play.  This includes an offer from Meagan for Jo to consider joining and supporting the Trusts PLACE  audits.  P(atient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment) Jo is already involved Trust wide with this and our volunteers and also Quality First Visits.





The Trust Patient Survey PACE (Patient and Carer Experience) is  being conducted at Rampton (July – mid September 2022). This is a chance for our patients to feedback about their service. Rampton are on track with QI (Quality Improvement) Action plans so we will see what the patient voice is saying this time around (report due end of September )

Well to end with I thought I would mention the Heatwave

To hot for all of us!

Nigel Groves
Nigel Groves Involvement and Experience Lead, Forensic Services









WS Update 

‘YOU SAID WE DID’ Whiteboards roll out.

The Involvement Team have managed to fund ‘You said , we did’ whiteboards. They have been delivered this is the first one ready for use in forensics at Rampton Women’s Service

These rickety old picnic benches were kindly donated to The Diamond Resource Centre (DRC).  Some of the Women’s Service patients along with a couple of TES DRC staff got their heads together to try and bring some life back to them.  The patients sanded the benches down to make smooth and get rid of all the roughness.  They painted both with bright colours which lifts your mood when feeling a little low.  The benches sit on the Women’s Service compound for all to enjoy.  The patients and staff are really proud of their achievements.

From one proud DRC manager Kath Alder

Women’s Service makes it into the Trusts Green Champions Bulletin

Plant a tree for the Jubilee

The Diamond Resource Centre (DRC) at Rampton took part in the Queen’s Green Canopy which is a nation-wide initiative to ‘plant a tree for the Jubilee’. Two magnolia trees were donated by Mitie and planted by the DRC women’s service. Photo to the right is of Kath Alder (DRC Manager) and Reverend Kevin Shaw during the tree planting day.

Education Hub sessions

Hi all

I just wanted to send an update on our evening Education Hub sessions have been going. Firstly, thank you, for letting them run for the past couple of weeks, we have found they have been excellently received with a positive and enthusiastic reaction from our learners.

We initially wanted to use the sessions to catch up with initial, diagnostic assessments, out- reach work; however due to interest from learners we have concentrated on learners who require extension tasks and exercises to aid retention, also learners who are about take or retake exams, who require revision time. This week we accommodated two learners who wanted to work on a Power Point Presentation about an LGBGT project they wish to present to staff and patients.

By opening our evening education slots we can reach out to new learners, offering support, advice, and guidance, relating to want we could offer them in the future.

All learners have thanked us for the extra time and sessions saying they are very valuable, helpful, and beneficial. This week we have had full numbers within sessions with other learners asking if they could attend future sessions.

Thank you From DRC Education

Richard & Karina.


We are delighted to inform you that your project has been selected as a finalist for the NSUA 2022, the 10th annual celebration since the awards started in 2013.

Mental Health Directorate

Sam McDaid

The MH service has been successful in attaining two nominations, Crea8 to Reson8 and Deaf History Week, which are going through to the finals at the National Service Users Awards on the 14th September. Watch this space.


Grampian Ward National High secure Deaf service

Project Name: Create & Resonate and Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week

Among the people that are invited to the National Service Awards for contributing to Deaf Awareness Week is the Recovery College. There were many planned activities taking place within that week and co-producing sessions was one of them.

Five patients came together to bridge the gap between deaf and hearing by sharing their life experiences.

The patients created content that focused on subjects such as, what it is like to be deaf, the positives, the struggles, barriers to communication, how they overcome those barriers, different ways to communicate, different types of hearing loss and the support they would need in the future.

The group also talked about how to deliver this across the hospital and created a presentation with the aim to break down communication barriers to make themselves heard.




Further updates:

The Recovery College is supporting the launch of the Patient Representative Training within the Women’s Service, along with the support from Kath and Nigel in the Involvement Team. This will then be further delivered into all care streams.

The Recovery College is also going to be delivering ‘My DBT Hero’ with the support from psychologist Rachel Beryl within the Women’s Service and the course ‘Food and Mood’ is going to be delivered across both Mental Health and Learning Disability services.





Kirsty Smith
Recovery College Coordinator

Therapies & Education Service
Rampton Hospital


High support swim today

one of our patients from LD attended his first ever high support swim today.

He had a visit to the pool before for the first time just to get accustomed to the area and it was obvious that he had a fear of water because you wouldn’t have been able to get a piece of paper between him and the wall when he was walking round. He stated that he hadn’t been in a swimming pool since being a small child and had a bad experience of water covering his face and making him choke. So to get him near a pool was a massive step in its self. The session couldn’t have gone any better today. By the end of the session he was able to swim with the aid of a float and felt comfortable in the water and asked if he could have another session. He was returned to the ward in a very relaxed mood and thanked staff for taking him

Today was a perfect  example of collaborative working from H&F, MVA, ward staff, Southwell staff  and the wider TES team and when it works it works really well and patients will see the benefit of this and this will aid in their treatment.

Ian Wilkes Sports & Fitness Lead

Therapies & Education Services

Some feedback to this great work 

This is fantastic and great collaborative working, thanks again also to senior managers for allowing us to get staff through their lifeguard training when I know staffing has been a challenge which has enabled us to make this happen 😊

Kay Carley

Therapies and Education Service Manager


This work is really inspiring, particularly when you consider that it is focused on some of the most challenging patients we have in the hospital.

This presents an opportunity to engage these patients in a different way and has the potential to help them move forward in the way they relate to staff.

This type of therapeutic risk taking needs a high level of confidence and expertise and really close working between the teams and with the patients.

It is testament to your hard work and commitment.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing about how this develops and how we can build on this achievement.

Thank you and really well done to everyone involved.

Best wishes


Associate Director of Nursing, Quality and Patient Experience

Corporate Nursing Team (Forensic Division)




we hosted the LD event this morning.

WE had 12 patients who attended and they took part in card making, fitness tests, education tasks etc

Graphics/woodwork brought samples down of what patients can make in sessions if they would like to get referred

Whilst patients had a drinks break they were able to ask James Routen and Lyndsey Harding any questions about anything regarding VOCS or Southwell Day Unit

The morning was brought to a close with a sing a long from the music department which all patients eagerly took part in        


The morning went really well and all patients that attended said how good it had been and thanked staff for all the effort that had been put in to make it happen


This Friday Main Horticulture will be brining various animals down to Southwell Gardens for patients to interact with

Ian Wilkes

Sports & Fitness Lead

Therapies & Education Services

Sports & Fitness Lead

Therapies & Education Services


Here are some photos from the Healthy Eating Week, again hosted in Southwell

The weeklong event was for all LD patients to attend

The week started with an outdoor circuit with DJ Jimmy on the decks

There was a talk by Kirsty on Food and Mood


Healthy Lifestyles came and did a talk as did the locum dietician Sue  who talked about the benefits of fruit, the free samples went down well with all patients, some of whom had never tasted fresh pineapple



The message was also eat well to save the planet so we got the environmental message across to patients as well



Ian Wilkes

Sports & Fitness Lead

Therapies & Education Services





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  1. Another fabulous newsletter with so much great activity captured here! Thanks to everyone who has brought such creative thinking to so many different aspects of activity at Rampton.

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