Rampton Recovery College and MH Care Stream update

Rampton Entrance
Rampton Entrance

My DBT Hero

The Recovery College delivered ‘My DBT Hero’ with the support from psychologist Rachel Beryl within the Women’s Service. The patients designed their own hero using DBT core skills to identify their strengths

Patient Work and Comments

‘I enjoyed sharing my experience within the course and helping others’

‘The experience of facilitating was different and something I haven’t done before. I enjoyed it’

‘The course made me more confident in delivery and I would like to do more’

Patient Representative Training

The Recovery College delivered ‘Patient Rep Training’ to the women’s service with the support from the Patient Involvement Team. The patients learnt about what a patient rep is, the skills required to become a patient rep and completed confidence building activities.

Patient Comments

‘I liked gaining knowledge from doing the course’

‘I learnt how to participate in groups and build my confidence’

‘I learnt how to handle situations that I do not like’

Food and Mood

The Recovery College delivered ‘Food and Mood’ to the Mental Health and Learning Disability service. The patients learnt about the food they eat, how that food makes them feel and the memories linked to food.  Patient discussed in more detail what effect food has on their mood and investigated how food can be good or bad for you.

Patient Comments

‘I liked listening to personal experiences from other patients.’

‘The course helped me to understand how depression can be linked to food or anxiety.’

‘I learnt about how food can affect my mood especially when I am stressed.’

‘I liked public speaking and this course helped me to confidence building.’

Deaf Awareness Week

Among the people that are invited to the National Service Awards for contributing to Deaf Awareness Week is the Recovery College. There were many planned activities taking place within that week and co-producing sessions within the Recovery College was one of them.

Five patients came together to bridge the gap between deaf and hearing by sharing their life experiences.

Rampton Hospital was successful at winning this award and the Recovery College is delighted to have been a part of this.

Further Updates:

  • The Recovery College will be offering cookery sessions to support the completion of the Food and Mood course.
  • Working within the Mental Health Service, co-production among patients will take place to create a Hearing Voices informative video that will be shared across the hospital.
  • Patient Representative Training will be co-facilitated and co-delivered delivered across the hospital to the remaining care streams.
  • Train the Trainer is another course that will be co-facilitated and co-delivered to the Mental Health and Personality Disorder services.

MH Care Stream at Rampton

On Thursday 8th September, 28 patients from the MH Care Stream at Rampton attended the Phoenix Day Unit Sports Day.

Due to the inclement weather it was moved indoors and the main gym was utilised.  Patients were split into four teams with ability and skills mix taken into account to make the teams as fair as possible.  The eight separate games were: Basketball, Tin Can alley, Bucket Pong, Target Bowls, Target Bean Bag, Football speed challenge, Egg & Spoon and rounded off with the Phoenix ‘Team Challenge’ which consisted of football skills, giant space hoppers, egg and spoon racing and basketball skills. Teams also had to collect individual letters and when all letters had been collected they had to spell out a word and shout out what that word was.

With fast times and a lot of skill on show the clear winners were Blue Team with 61 points. They were then followed by Green (49), Yellow (47) and Red on 43.

The Phoenix Day Unit Sports Day Trophy was presented to the Blue team at a special presentation evening later that night and this trophy will now be competed for yearly and will be on show in the unit.

There was some excellent feedback from patients during the day and plenty of smiles could be seen. With staff joining in and encouraging the patients a fun day was had by all.

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