Rampton Involvement Interview Training

On the 25th January, patients from Rampton, Involvement volunteers and staff from the Recovery College collaboratively delivered the co-produced Involvement Interview Training package to a group of patients at Rampton. This was the first time patients from Rampton have been involved in the co-production and co-facilitation of Involvement Interview Panel Training. This is also possibly a first for a “High Secure Hospital” setting in this Country.

“I have enjoyed the course. The tutors were helpful and I found that having both patients and staff doing the training really helped to settle my nerves.”

– Feedback from the Involvement Interview Training

Between them, patients and volunteers delivering the training have a wealth of experience of chairing and participating on interview panels; and were fully involved in the whole process. It helps show that patients in recovery can have an important role which they will hopefully be able to extend as and when they move on. This sort of involvement can be a really important part of their journey along their individual recovery pathways and helps to inspire hope in others.

“I am going to go back to the ward and tell the others patients about this training and will recommend it.”

– Feedback from the Involvement Interview Training

The morning consisted of background training, interviewer roles, how to develop questions and concentrating on “value and recovery” based questions. There were refreshments throughout the day and a break for lunch (which was gratefully accepted and quickly devoured!), then the afternoon focused on the patients putting what they had learnt into practice.

“I attended the course to boost my self-esteem and confidence around other people and to learn new skills, I have learnt communication techniques and feel able to speak up for myself and work under pressure. I would like to progress and do the training to become a chair person in the future.”

– Feedback from the Involvement Interview Training

The practice involved role play in a mock interview process where three members of staff acted as interview candidates of varying suitability. This exercise was then reviewed and feedback was given to the trainees.

“[When interviewing] I have learnt how to ask questions and conduct and present myself.” 

– Feedback from the Involvement Interview Training

The day was “chilled”, everyone contributed and there was a good balance of discussion, role play and useful interaction. The feel-good factor was high as everyone pulled in the same direction. We’re pleased to report that all the trainees were successful and can now participate on staff interview panels and left happy and ready to pass on the positive benefits of this training and involvement.

“ A relaxed day where we shared our experiences and learnt from each other.”

– Feedback from the Involvement Interview Training

We’re also happy to say that more sessions are in the pipeline to continue this fantastic piece of work.

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