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It has been carers week as most of you will know and my pledge on the National carers week site was to do a blog about the Rampton carers event held on Saturday 11th June. Because of Covid and restrictions the last couple of Years carers meetings have been on a Video link.  this would be the last one hopefully via this way and it is planed to have the September meeting face to face. To be fair the meetings over the last two years have gone very well and well supported by carers and Staff alike

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What I always like about the carers events is the time that staff give to the family members attending to ask any questions at any time which today as normal they did, this in my mind makes it a real two way conversation and always open and transparent linking  to all Our Trust values.


To start and welcome everyone we had Lorna Breckell the Family and Volunteer support manager . As always Lorna was excellent and kept the meeting on time. she then hand over to Kerry Burton who is in a new post at Rampton as Head of Business and operations. Kerry has always been very supportive of Involvement over the Years and in her last role of Matron for the PD services she was a real star. Kerry gave an update on last CQC Rating back in 2019 and she said she believed there had been a lot of improvement including involving patients to improve things. Kerry said the CQC visit assessment is due and they could come anytime. Kerry gave an over view of recruitment and the high vacancy’s still and explained this is a National issue  as IT IS for our Trust. Kerry said that the hospital was trying to look at skills mix to help the current situations.

Lorna then handed over to the Kay Carley the Therapies and Education Manager  for an update along with help from James Routen who is Head of Sports & Leisure

Kay Carly updated that all the units have commenced new integrated multidisciplinary structure programmers as outlined in the therapy education service review. The new occupational therapy speech and language education assessment treatment and discharge pathway commenced as part of a programme including vocational, health and fitness and healthy lifestyles. Health and fitness news, Kay highlighted that ward observation training, level II fitness training and lifeguard training had taken place she also gave an update on vocational developments and chat. Chaplaincy events including staffing the EID celebrations which had been very well supported by staff and was excellent

Kay also said that the new Phoenix day centre was almost ready to open and  that it is hoped the therapy’s education staff could give a tour for carers interested at the next carers social visitors event in September, she explained that there had also been some funding for the library LD services

Kay and James then went on to give an update on the Rampton recovery Collage



There was an update on the Dear awareness week




Next was feedback about the Jubilee Celebrations


feedback from one of our events … Women’s service

As we are aware on the 1st of June 2022, we as a nation celebrated her Majesty the Queens Platinum Jubilee Event to commemorate seventy years as monarch to our great country. Celebrations in honour of this took place across the four nations.

below was not presented at the carers event but included to highlight one of the events for the Jubilee Celebrations 

Rampton hospital and its Therapies and Education Service were no exception, the Diamond Resource Centre Day Unit (DRC) based within the National Women’s Service Care stream, as a team recognised the importance of the day and the opportunity it presented to plan a special event for the patients. It was agreed by all that patient inclusion was paramount to the development of the day therefore, the Diamond Resource Centre team made extended efforts to attend patient areas to discuss the topic. Our aim was to empower the patient group in making choices as to what they wanted from the event.

I am pleased to report that we received a great response from this, and patients showed keen interest in helping regarding planning aspects of the celebrations. We incorporated the preparatory work into the weekly timetabled sessions in the DRC these being nurse led, therapy workshop, and high support activity room sessions. We also factored in the directorates segregated patient population of whom our service engages with on a day-to-day basis. All helped with décor for the event, which applied to both inside and outside of the building.

Various entertainment and activities were offered throughout the day. All staff within the Resource Centre ensured that they were available on duty to support the event. Both the National Service Operational Manager, Helen Watkinson and the Therapies and Education Service Manager, Kay Carley attended the day, feeding back their appreciation of the event and highlighting the efforts of all those involved in the organisation and running of the day. Thankfully the weather remained dry allowing the event to mainly take place outside in the fresh air.

Refreshments were made available and eagerly accepted by those present in light of the warm weather. We utilised the professional DJ skills one of the members of our team to provide music and karaoke. An invitation was sent out and accepted by the Rosewood Involvement Centre who have provided excellent service in supporting the Therapies and Education Service in recent years. The event was attended by three of their representatives, two of whom form a band “The Rosewood Rockers”. They performed live music for the patients present, who in turn showed their appreciation by singing, dancing, and clapping along to the songs played. Kev (the Rev) Shaw, a very respected Reverend based within the Chaplaincy Department gave opportunity for a patient to showcase their vocal talents whilst playing guitar. We also received a very special performance from one very team member.  Speech and Language Therapist, Jack Schofield, whom has an extensive musical background provided two excellent acoustic versions of popular songs. I would like to highlight that this has created a great deal of enthusiasm within the Care stream for patients expressing a desire to attend the Diamond Resource Centre’s music group to learn how to play a wide range of instruments.

Our Health and Fitness lead, Nicole Fraser made excellent use of the AstroTurf court in engaging various patients in sporting activities such tennis. Stalls were positioned in and around the Day Unit area, and other professional agencies, the hospital Chaplaincy and Beauty Salon, provided activities to engage the attendee’s in, as did our team. All activities were themed around the Queen, an example of which “pin the tail on the Corgi”, was very popular amongst the patient group.

A tombola and book stalls were also present. All proceeds form funds raised from sales were to be donated to a charitable event. Patients within the Care stream were involved to where they felt the money raised should go. It was decided that all proceeds would go to Thornbury Animal Sanctuary. This decision was unanimous within the patient group as a tribute to a former peer who sadly passed away and had a huge affection for animals.

The hospital Horticulture team were present at the event. The Diamond Resource Centre has excellent working relations with the department and is very well attended by patients across the Care stream. Two staff represented the department, creating an animal pen in the Women’s Service Compound area. They brought animals over to the area, including ducks and Guinea pigs. Patients were able to sit with animals and feed them.

The Diamond Resource Centre, Lead Education Lecturer, Richard Neal utilised the day to present achievement awards in recognition for the efforts of the patients attending Education classes. Both he and the area Learning Support Worker, Karina Walton presented certificates and an education champion award, by means of a specially designed Shield Trophy. None of the Education attendees were aware that they would be receiving these accolades, and all expressed their jubilation in having done so. It should be mentioned that this reflected the hard work and success that both staff have had in engaging patients, some of whom were very resistant, in learning and gaining national qualifications.

To conclude the event, two members of the patient group read a specially written speech in tribute to HRH the Queen. The patients gathered to either assist or observe the planting of two Magnolia trees, gratefully donated to our department by Graham Brader, Head of MITTE, to commemorate the Jubilee Day. It was a fitting end to a fantastic day and one that the Diamond Resource Centre Team, the various supporting departments, and the Care stream patients should be proud of in making an amazing success.


Finally from Kay and James  was an update around the Koestler awards 2022 from the PD Service  and an update on new Horticulture Animals


To end the event we had a presentation from Robert Naylor who is the Equality, Diversity and inclusion lead for the Forensic services.

I always enjoy attending something when Robert is presenting he is just so passionate about his work and roll and I think he has already made a great differnce since he started working for us just over A Year now



Well as you can see it was a full agenda and excellent to end the session Lorna had an open door chat along .


Well done all round


Involvement and experience lead forensic services




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