Preparing for Winter

We’ve been busy in the garden this morning tidying it up and getting it ready for winter. You may remember us spending some time earlier this year sprucing it up, planting willow and an unfortunate spate of vandalism. This is it today:

Our roses are still blooming, our herb garden is thriving and the creepy crawlies have well and truly booked into our bug hotel. Our handmade bird feeder seems to be going down well and we’ve planted daffodils ready for spring. We’ve also taken our first harvest from the willow, which is now up and drying ready to be made into something special. Next year we should hopefully get a bigger crop since the willow is established.

Many thanks to everyone who’s lent a hand in the garden over the year!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for Winter

    1. Hi Davina – the yield is low as we only planted it this year so we’ve passed on the cuttings to someone who’s going to weave a small item from it to possibly raffle off or give away at our Volunteer Christmas Event this year. Next year we’ll hopefully get more and we plan on donating it to the local wards so that patients can weave as a therapeutic activity and make items of their own to either keep or donate to the hospitals to help raise money.

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