Poetry from Rampton

Start the day off hyper and jovial

Looking at others, quite noble

My bubbles are popping

My mood is dropping

I don’t know what to do

Should I come and talk to you

My eyes are so tired

but my brain is bloody wired

I feel slightly agitated

Maybe a little animated

But all the same I don’t feel well

I’m not sure if you can tell

I need time out

But enough staff I doubt

I’ve had my lunch

Now I have a hunch

I need some sleep

Before I start to weep


I’ve had an hour

Now dust off that flour

I’ve tired with aches and pains

But I’m the one holding the reins

People said I look smart

Pride strikes through the heart

Yet my heart bleeds

With hopeless needs

I want to win this fight

I just hope I can hold on tight

Written by a patient in the Women’s Service, Rampton

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