Patients in the Rampton Personality Care Stream working Collaborative..

Patients in the PD Care Stream continue to work collaboratively with Staff & and Involvement Staff. Despite the challenges faced with the current Pandemic. Three months ago and with the use of laptops and Microsoft Teams,

the patients have been able to continue to to meet as a Care Stream and greater opportunities for true involvement have been developed. The Patient Involvement Meeting; held once a month provides a forum where information is shared, as well as an opportunity for patients & staff to highlight areas of good practice and discuss any concerns they may have. Prior to COVID the meetings were face to face in Cantal Resource Building . The difference is, this time the patients along with staff have met virtually and formed focus groups to help find solutions to some of the issues that have been raised within the patient survey.

So far the focus groups have met to discuss potential ideas to improve communication between nursing staff and patients. Each group has both a patient and staff lead to focus on the issue. Ideas generated from the focus groups are currently being trailed and if successful will be rolled out to all wards.

The second group have been looking at ideas for a potential relaxation room, having drawn on past experiences to create ideas. So far a questionnaire has been devised by a patient to circulate among all his peers. The feedback from the questionnaire will help to determine the value of a relaxation room as well as provide useful information as to how patients envisage the relaxation room to look.

The ideas are innovative and are currently being considered by patient & staff leads. This is an exciting time for the Care Stream and a real opportunity to work in collaboration to improve the services we deliver.

Kind Regards

Kerry Burton

Modern Matron

PD Care Stream

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