Patients from the Mental Health Directorate Rampton get Involved in The exhibition by Arts Council England


This Art Project was initiated by our Art Therapy Team and supported by our Technical Instructors working onto the wards.

The exhibition is led by Arts Council England and the nationwide project is designed to get the whole country making and exhibiting art.

They say:

“It’s a great way for people to explore their creative side at home, from first-timers to professional artists. If the last time you painted was at school, it doesn’t matter – we’d love to see as many people taking part as possible. You can display your art in your front garden, from a balcony or on your front door to help us create one Great Big Art Exhibition!”

There is a different theme every 2 weeks, the first theme was chosen by Antony Gormley, one of the contributing artists, who chose the theme of “Animals” to help launch this project.

Antony says he is “…asking people to evoke their spirit animal…” and hopes “…every window sill or front garden or balcony will suddenly become a gallery”.

Thank you to Emma Atkinson – Mental Health Therapy Team Manager

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