Part 2 From the Drawing Board to the Carers Road Shows 2013- 2018

I got the first Carers Roadshow up and running in 2013. We began with just 12 stallholders in seven venues across the City of Nottingham. Five years on 164 stallholders have visited 71 locations throughout the City and County of Nottinghamshire. To date the shows have seen 11,744 visitors and a total of 835 stalls. I’ve completed 1,564 referrals; that’s unpaid carers getting the information needed at the road shows and giving carers help and hope there and then.

Using my business head, I used the design of the posters and leaflets about the Carers Roadshow, and developed a brand; a recognisable poster and images to let people know it was a Carers Road Show event. The roadshows are a great opportunity to meet and speak to service providers, support groups and carers organisations and for carers to get direct support or for referrals to be made.

Stallholders are a mixture of department heads, line managers, community workers, a few Chief Executives, charity workers, micro business owners and nurses plus health and social care staff. The roadshows have allowed them to form a partnership that over time has developed into an effective grapevine. Everyone is up to date with the latest ideas and services plus everyone knows who got pregnant, moved house and got divorced or married! All the extra stuff that keeps partnerships alive, a real sense of community and belonging.

All these things give the Carers Road Show longevity, but all businesses must have the cash flow to pay for them. From day one it was crucial to get the best deal when paying for venues, printing and materials. I need to be creative to raise funding. It doesn’t happen on its own.  I plan and work hard to make sure it takes place year on year but I enjoy every single second of it. It offers me the satisfaction that unpaid carers lives are improving and that’s a fact, not just talk. I’m always on the look out for anyone who can help the shows financially as this funding is what makes them happen. I have to submit a financial proposal to the many partners who chip in and support the roadshows and keep my fingers and toes crossed every year that they will say yes!

A carer said this to me at one of the shows. ‘Are you the one organising this? I’ve learnt more in the last ten minutes than in the last ten years. I would like to shake your hand. I now know about my health options’

Carers Roadshow Stallholder ‘An increasing number of unpaid carers are coming to the roadshows to find out about dementia. Many are fearful of the illness and need to know what support out there for carers. ‘

Thanks must go to funders such as Nottingham Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust CityCare,  the City Clinical Commissioning Group, plus all six County Clinical Commissioning Groups too.

They all collectively saw some merit in my vision and purpose of the Carers Road Shows to offer free support to all unpaid Carers in both the City and County of Nottingham.

Thanks also to the collective support of  the stallholders which has been instrumental in making each show a success. Their dedication makes the Carers Road Show what it is today

Things people have said about me
‘You are really good at communication but you talk too much’!
‘You are inspiring’

About me and my son 
I’ve gone from being a Dad with a son to being his mate. I’ve got the best relationship now. I’ve never enjoyed him so much as I enjoy him now. I can level with him and we have a laugh.

Trevor Clower – Unpaid Carer
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Unsung Hero Oscar Winner
Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group’s Patient Leader Volunteer
NHS England’s Patient Representative Volunteer

Trev C
Trevor Clower

If you think you can  support us or need more information , please email:

Coming Soon: Watch this space for the 2018 Carers Roadshow dates

Carers Road Shows

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