Nurses Day: “Without them, I don’t believe I would still be alive”

12 May is Nurses’ Day, when Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust make a special effort to show appreciation to our nurses.  Joy Biddell wanted to share her story and say thank you to the nurses who made a huge difference to her recovery.

Here is our dedicated Trust blog site and an account of Joy’s journey

Thank you to all the nurses involved in my care, you’re all very special people! Thank you for not giving up on me when I had completely given up on myself. You didn’t just see me as a patient but you saw and treated me like a person, and encouraged me to carry on and aspire to be the person I want to be. You made me realise that although I have an illness, it’s not the whole part of me and I have so much to give and live for. Carry on being incredible!

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