Nottinghamshire Mental Health Awareness Weeks

Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks are running 8th October-19th October. There’s a lot of varied events on throughout the county during these two weeks, so take a look at their online programme and see if there’s something you’re interested in.

Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks was started by a small group of service users and carers in 1993. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of many individuals and organisations, it has grown from one week to two, and become part of the local calendar – timed to include World Mental Health Day, October 10th.

The events which make up MHAW’s programmes are not commissioned according to any particular theme, but are contributed from the community, to reflect the diversity of approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Events emerge each year from a wide network of local groups and organisations, and the MHAW coordinating committee acts as a catalyst to stimulate ideas and build a balanced programme.

Our programmes include contributions from art, music, film, drama, therapies, information and social events, open to anyone interested.

As it’s also World Mental Health Day today, we’ve put together a few links to information and support you may find useful.

NHS Moodzone: Mental Wellbeing Audio Guides

Blurt Foundation: Self-care on a budget:10 things to try

Carers Trust: Health and wellbeing

Mind: Information and Support

Carers UK: Get support

Mental Health Foundation: How to look after your mental health in later life

NHS Horizons and their School for Change Agents also have advice on how to build your resilience:



We’ve also highlighted before how volunteering helps our volunteers with their mental health. If you’re interested in finding out more about getting involved with us, get in touch. 

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