Nottinghamshire Healthcare Governor Elections

Could you be one of our Governors?

If you’ve ever wondered about the Council of Governors and being a governor, then now is your chance!

An exciting opportunity to be a governor for Nottinghamshire Healthcare and join the Council of Governors.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare provides integrated healthcare services, including mental health, intellectual disability and physical health services.

What is the Council of Governors?

Every NHS Foundation Trust must have a Council of Governors. The Council of Governors is an important part of the Trust and is made up of 37 Governors including 21 elected public governors, 8 elected staff governors and 8 appointed governors from partner organisations.

What do Governors do?

Put simply, the Council of Governors are the voice of the local people, and help the Trust to connect to the population it serves. Collectively, they ensure that the Trust Board is accountable to local people. They gain assurance about the Trust’s performance, with a particular focus on service quality. 

The role of governors includes the following responsibilities:

  • Representing the interests of members and the wider public
  • Sharing public feedback with the Trust
  • Contributing to future plans of the Trust
  • Holding Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Trust Board
  • Appointing the Chair and Non-Executive Directors

The Council of Governors meet four times per year.

Governor Elections

The nomination stage of the governor elections is now open and you are invited to nominate yourself if you are interested in being a governor.

There are currently 10 vacancies in the public constituency:

Public Vacancies

  • Nottingham City – 2 vacancies
  • Nottinghamshire County – 6 vacancies
  • South Yorkshire and rest of East Midlands – 1 vacancy
  • Rest of England and Wales – 1 vacancy

How to apply

To find out more, and complete a nomination form online visit:

We welcome nominations from anyone over the age of 16, of any race, colour, religious belief, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, disability or marital status.

Nominations are open from 20 November and close at 5pm on 18 December 2020.

You can find out more about the role of governors and the Council of Governors at

You must be a member of the Trust to apply to be a governor. Online membership form For membership queries, please email

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