When Therapeutic Education Department and Therapeutic Involvement workers along with the Dimond resource  Centre ( DRC )  Staff in women’s services were asked by Modern Matron Annett Magore for Equality Diversity and Inclusion  if we could along with the patient’s come up with ideas for NO SPACE FOR HATE, Kath and her team worked together and made the photo frame and the cards for staff to hold.  The patients are completing WHAT HATE/INCIDENTS MEAN TO THEM which will be displayed in the DRC.

Thanks to Annett Magore for the vision.  Thanks to Gayle Bennett. Lorraine Gregson and Mick Beevers for running the event resulting in so many people from different disciplines and different bands for participating.

Over 150 staff stopped to make a pledge on 26th February 2021.

Well Done Women’s Services DRC Team.  I’m so proud of you all, Yet again!!


DRC Day Centre Manager

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