New Volunteer Catch Up Meetings Starting

We’ve previously written in newsletters about the planned changes to meetings as we reopen the Centres. Although national restrictions have eased, there is still no change within Healthcare settings. We still need to socially distance, wear masks, lateral flow tests and regularly handwash. This has implications for the meetings we’d planned on holding within the Centres.

Instead of waiting indefinitely until we’re able to meet without restrictions, in September, we’re going to start the meetings, but in a slightly different way to originally planned.

In each Involvement Centre, there will be a weekly “Volunteer Catch Up” Meeting. Due to restrictions, there will be a limit on numbers and volunteers will need to pre-book to attend to ensure we don’t over-fill the Centres. For those who are unable to attend in person or wear masks, we will be also running a “Virtual Volunteer Catch Up” once a week using Microsoft Teams through the Volunteer Hub Channel.

The Volunteer Catch Up will be an informal meeting and is open to all volunteers. They’re a chance to keep in touch with the team, other volunteers, offer peer support and receive any support you need from others. The meetings will include:

  • An update on the Involvement Centres.
  • A brief update on the Volunteering Team.
  • Volunteers updating regarding their activity over the past weeks and anything upcoming.

These meetings will be on Mondays at DMH, Wednesdays on MS Teams and on Fridays at Rosewood. We’ll be confirming times by email and in our newsletter to volunteers.

For the meetings in the Centres, you must book a space. You may be refused entry if you have not booked due to capacity in Centres. When attending the Centres, you must have a negative lateral flow test. Although we can provide tests at the Centre, you will not be allowed to enter the building for 30 minutes until the test is complete.

A quick thank you.

Thank you to all the volunteers who’ve been attending the Centres or returning to Trust sites for abiding so well to the restrictions we have in place. We appreciate that it can be difficult, especially as rules can differ at home, workplaces, shops, public transport etc… We hope that it won’t be much longer before we’re able to drop our restrictions too.

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