My experience on a ward gathering data for The Ideal Ward Round project

Hello my name is Eric and I am a volunteer at Rosewood Involvement Centre. We are involved in a research project called the “Ideal Ward Round”. This aims to analyse feedback from patients, carers and clinicians on their experience of ward rounds in acute mental health settings.

On Wednesday 8th April Richard, Tracy and I went to Orchid ward at Millbrook Unit, attached to King’s Mill Hospital, Mansfield.

We had four patients take an interest in filling out the questionnaire, one patient preferred to fill it out by herself because at the time we couldn’t find a private room straight away. Eventually we were given the use of the ladies lounge, although I felt that the staff could have been more helpful in this regard.

Here are some quotes from Richard on his impressions:

I found it a rewarding experience but very nerve-wracking. I put this down to shadowing for the first time on an acute ward. Eric, Carol, Ingrid and Tracey made me feel very relaxed and much more at ease by the end of the day”

The ward itself was open and homely with carpets throughout which I found comforting and the view of the garden from the common room was very nice”

The patients realised that we had mental health issues ourselves and lived experiences and this helped them be more forthcoming “

Overall my experience of the visit was that we gained valuable information and our meeting with patients was relaxed and candid.

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