Mental Health Awareness Weeks Poetry, Part 1: Mental Health Awareness

During Mental Health Awareness Weeks, Involvement Volunteer Adrian Kelley (Ade Kelley Man O’ Words) shares some of his poems with us in a three part series.

To kick us off, the following poem is about raising awareness and challenging the stigma around mental health.

Mental Health Awareness

A time to kick stigma out the window,
listen to the Commando with post war syndrome,
no person is infallible, get a grip don’t become
unstable, watch GMTV on the cable, vegetate on
a ward watch Richard and Judy …..

It’s about Awareness not the care less, it’s about
prevention not patronization of this we’ve had our fill.

No use saying it doesn’t happen to me,
nothing effects us mentally,
no room for machismo or chauvinism of
the sexes, vengeful words from our ex’s.
None of this will help us so.
Now we have this confidence to go.

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